Gently Ease into the New Year
Wheat fields, Dufur OR

It’s hard to believe 2020 is over. We hope the holidays were delicious and replenishing–if unlike anything we imagined.  

While this season was hard in ways (we really did miss all the fun events we’re used to hosting) gratitude abounds. We’re grateful for the blessings that fill our inn.

With so much on pause, things were quieter here, to say the least. We’ve welcomed guests throughout, but naturally, at a distance. (And masked!)

This year’s holidays felt like holy days of old, quiet, reflective, and replenishing with hot mugs or chilled around the firepit, folks giving each other space, and eating takeaway dinner in your room—scandalous!

Time and again we hear, “It feels so good to get out of ___. It feels so clean and safe to be here.” Visit our airy, open, underpopulated space and (often) sunshine.

Yes, we’re open weekends*

Are you hungering for a change of scenery that is safe and spacious?

Folks are enjoying all there is to do (or not do, as the case may be) Inside and out—with outdoor activities varying according to weather. Snowshoe rental is suddenly popular, or hiking when the sun is out, and snow is scant. Folks are feeling they’ve earned the indulgence of the Spa Sanctuary’s nourishing energy treatments and well-being experiences (and also there’s still wine tasting—safely, outside, nearby.)

Put 2020 to Bed Gently and With Reverence

Move into 2021 slowly. (What’s the rush, after all?) Perhaps your year-end completion practices are still be underway. It’s not too late and still worth doing.

Have you taken your calendar to harvest the blessings of that wild ride of 2020?

Properly digested, 2020 fades and we can face this new year. Turn angsty trepidation into ease and grace…Create intentions, build vision maps… dream a new dream.

January feels brighter, filled with hope. Ease into 2021. We’re already sensing a shift in the light, feeling the creative pulse awakening. Softly.

Have you taken the time to peer into your dreams, visions, and intentions for 2021?

 There’s no rush. Yet this is a delicious time to wonder into potential and possibility.  The new compassionate, collaborative energies of the Aquarian Age are pouring in since Solstice, and you might want to scoop some up.

Give yourself the space to vision your year ahead. We know just the place to take a few days to do just that. 😉

You can custom create your own private retreat. Reward yourself with spa treatment, meditation experience, in-room spa bath, dinners, breakfast, yoga, naps…After last year, you’ve earned a little indulgence. And need the replenishment.

Or do a “work from home with a view” getaway. No one will comment if your Zoom background is different, will they? Enjoy this season of Winter wonder in clean, open, spacious luxury—away from the maddening crowds. Check out our upcoming Events, Tours and Workshops online or below.

We know not everyone feels good about traveling. (For you lifesavers who do: THANK YOU!) we are taking the utmost care and precautions—we don’t want to put anyone at risk now.

However, you might be needing a sanctuary for respite and rejuvenation away from the madness of life more than ever. Ease in slowly and gracefully, with extreme caution and regard for our fellow humans—who might be more fragile than we realize.

Let 2021 be the turn to Kindness. Remember, the magic is closer than you think!




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