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Bliss at the Balch: Rejuvenate Body, Mind & Spirit


Sanctuary Experiences


yoga on the lawn


Have you been feeling exhausted, depleted, drained or fatigued? Experience grounding, replenishment and revitalization with a guided nature connection in the gardens at Balch Hotel.

You'll receive a PDF worksheet with take-home instruction you can use on your own as often as needed.

30 minutes: $75 (Include your travel partner or friend for free. Additional guests welcome for added fee.)


Have you wanted to meditate, but struggle to go there on your own? Explore simple tools and practices for ease in meditating. A short guided lesson & journey indoors or outside (weather permitting.)

Self record on your cell phone, enabling you to have a replay of this personal guidance available and optional.

30 minutes: $75 (Include your travel partner or friend for free. Additional guests welcome for added fee.)

Taro Cards


Have any challenges or conundrums in life that need untangling, new viewpoints or clarity? By consulting 1 or 2 Oracle Cards you tap into higher guidance, through universal wisdom & synchronicity to receive answers.

Bring a journal to take notes for reflection and review, as these messages often fade fast and deepen with contemplation. Optional instruction to record to your cell-phone, and provide a replay of this personal guidance will be available.

60 minutes $150

30 minutes: $85


Receive a short infusion of universal life force energy, with this hands-on healing transmission. Hands on or off the body, fully clothed, indoors or outside, as you prefer. Great for stress or anxiety, offering deep relaxation and spot treatment for pain management.

30 minutes: $75

60 minutes: $105

Claire Sierra, owner Balch Hotel and Spa Sanctuary

For a Deep Dive…


A customized experience of re-connection that varies with your need and intention. Address core questions, untangle challenges, clear blocks, and receive divine messages about your path and calling. Start with simple ritual, sacred oil anointing, soul coaching, Reiki energy clearing, and oracle card reading. Experience connection and clarity from your own Feminine Soul wisdom. (Available in-person or virtual)

90 minutes* $222  (Includes bonus follow-up call)

(Want to do this from home? Also available as a 90 minute virtual experience via Zoom. Request details from Claire.)

“I was at a crossroads and I was stuck, something was in the way and I didn't know which way I was supposed to go… It was beautiful! And I received the perfect message, which allowed me to be able to consider other possibilities. I got exactly what I needed.” Mary Beth A, Hood River, OR


Access the wisdom of Mary Magdalene and the ancient/future lineage of the Priestess. Enjoy a soul-centering meditation ritual with sacred oil anointing, energy healing, and oracle card reading. Ask questions and access your Sacred Feminine self; receive timely, aligned wisdom about your life path. Bathe in embodied divine wisdom as you receive the hands-on Magdalene Blessing energy transmission, with a personal message from Magdalene in The Magdalene Path. (Available in-person or virtual)

90 minutes $222 

Call/Text Claire at Spa Sanctuary to Schedule Your Experience: 541.659.7284

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