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Time For You: Rituals of Rejuvenation for Body, Mind & Spirit


Rituals of Replenishment & Rejuvenation

After all you do and give, it's time for You...

Self care is no longer a luxury. Treat yourself to something truly magical with an skilled guide. Choose your bliss.

Step into the magic, elegance and simplicity at Spa Sanctuary -- a bespoke boutique wellness enclave within the award winning, historic Balch Hotel, in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon.

Experience deeply restorative body, skin and wellness treatments that bring you into alignment with your best self and nature. (See menu below.) Whether you're local or traveling, there's a treatment that's a perfect fit for what you need.

Enjoy a single session mini-retreat or a multi-day Private Retreat in the gardens & grounds of this elegant hotel. You'll clear your mind, soothe your body, and uplift your spirit.

All sessions start with a brief consultation with Spa Priestess Claire Sierra, Licensed Esthetician, Reiki Master, & Expressive Arts Therapist to choose the perfect session(s) for you. Customize with bespoke oils, crystals, salves, and potions as you need. Voila!

Spa, Historic Balch Hotel

Spa, Historic Balch Hotel

Skin Care

Organic, local & wildcrafted treatments that replenish your whole being, allowing your natural radiance to shine.

Gem Facial - Signature Treatment

Blissful rejuvenation with gems & crystals on your face & body.

Includes Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massage & Jade Roller.

75 minutes $150

Rejuvenate Facial

Restorative, hydrating &/or purifying. Customized for you. 

60 minutes $125

Rose Facial

Refreshing, hydrating & uplifting with Rose products, oil, Quartz and Reiki.

60 minutes $125


Skin tune-up for guys. Includes scalp, neck & shoulder massage.

60 minutes $125

 Add On To Any Treatment:

  • Reiki Boost (15 min) $25
  •  Organic CBD oil $25
  •  Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massage $25
  •  Organic CBD hand & arm treatment $25

Body Treatments

Beyond massage, our bespoke offerings ease body tension, lower stress, find balance & invite relaxation to leave you blissed.

CBD Back Relief

Slow, gentle, strokes offering ritualized application of Organic CBD oil with specific Essential Oils on your back, shoulders, neck and feet. (The closest thing to massage we offer.)

60 minutes $150 | 30 minutes $105  

        *Add Organic CBD hand & arm treatment $35

        *Add: Reiki Boost (15 min) $25

AromaTouch Treatment

Essential Oils ritually applied in light, slow, fluid patterns with along the energy meridians of your back, neck, shoulders, and feet. 

60 minutes $125 | 30 minutes $95  

        *Add: Reiki Boost (15 min) $25

Rose Reiki Energy Treatment

Ancient technique to send universal life force (chi or prana) for mental, emotional, physical & spiritual well-being. (You'll be fully clothed.)

60 minutes $125 | 30 minutes $75 

Anointing Ritual

Ancient Emerald Temple™ body treatment, incorporates 9 Chakra Holy Oils & crystals for harmony, peace, & vitality.

60 minutes $125

Crystal Chakra Balancing

Combine gemstones, Reiki & Aromatherapy on/around your (clothed) body for deep peace and balance. 

60 minutes $125 | 30 minutes $75  

Spa, Historic Balch Hotel

Call/Text to Schedule Your Session: 541.659.7284

Book Online :

Email: (weekdays)

Inquire at the Balch Hotel front desk.

You can charge to your hotel bill or pay the spa separately.

24 hour cancellation notice required.

Spa, Historic Balch Hotel

Sanctuary Experiences

Wellness Sessions in the Spa Sanctuary or outside in the gardens, patio, or parlor of the Balch Hotel. (Please note preference.)

Soul Clarity

Deepen connection to your Soul wisdom. Find clarity about a question or challenge, with solutions to move ahead with ease.

60 minutes $200

Magdalene Magic

Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene connection through channeled guidance, Magdalene Blessing energy transmission, oracle card & anointing.

60 minutes $200

Oracle Card Reading

Access life guidance through universal wisdom and synchronicity.

60 minutes: $150 | 30 minutes :$85

Earthing Experience

Guided forest bathing nature connection for grounding and revitalization in the gardens at Balch Hotel.

45 minutes: $100 (Include a travel partner for free.)

Meditation Ritual

Guided journey into stillness, for ease to jumpstart your lagging practice. Outside by the meditation pond or in the parlor or Spa Sanctuary.

45 minutes: $100 (Include a travel partner for free.)

Sanctuary Retreat

Re-focus and reconnect with what matters for you. Create a shift in your life in a customized private retreat at the Balch Hotel.

  • Spiritual coaching to create clarity about your path forward
  • Spa session to reboot and rejuvenate your body/mind/soul.
  • Paint or write to express your authentic, inspired vision
  • Meditation, hiking, waterfalls, wine-tasting, antiquing
  • Solo, mother/daughter, sisters, couple, or girlfriend getaway. 

1-3 days $400-$1200 (price varies with options)

Contact us to explore options & plan your retreat

Call or Text to Schedule Your Session: 541.659.7284

Book Online :

Email: (weekdays)

Inquire at the Balch Hotel front desk. 

FAQs: How To Spa

Plan Ahead: To ensure the best timing for you, schedule prior to arrival at the hotel. Same day appointments are often available. Call or Text, please.

Arrive Early: Please check-in 10 minutes prior to your appointment, to register and begin your session on time. (Late arrivals may pay full price for shortened service.)

Tipping: Gratuities are not included in the pricing. Industry standard is 15-20%. Thank you for your acknowledgement.

Cancellation Policy: To cancel or change your appointment, please allow 24 hours notice. Cancellations less than 24 hours notice are charged 50% of price. No shows are billed full price.

Special Care: Some treatments or products are not advised for certain conditions. Please alert us to any health concerns.

Session Times: include consultation, dressing, and after care suggestions.

Age Guidelines: Must be 18 years old or with an adult.

Payment: Charge to your hotel bill or pay the spa directly when services are rendered. Cash, check, & credit card are accepted.

Note: while we do our best to keep things updated, prices and services are subject to change without notice.  

Spa, Historic Balch Hotel

Spa, Historic Balch Hotel

About Spa Sanctuary & Your Guide

Claire Sierra, MA, LFT, is a Licensed Esthetician, Expressive Arts Therapist, Reiki Master, Rose Priestess and True Purpose™ Coach, with over 3 decades of experience guiding thousands of clients in-person & on-line. She is the author/founder of The Magdalene Path©  and co-owner of the Balch Hotel & Bistro 1907, & Spa Sanctuary. Contact Claire to book a complimentary 20 minute consult to discuss questions or about the wellness experience you're longing for.

Spa Sanctuary is a boutique single treatment room wellness enclave, nested within the Balch Hotel, an historic inn and award-winning retreat destination in the rolling hills above the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. 

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