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It's time for you. Rejuvenate and replenish yourself–you're worth it. And if not now, when?

Deeply restorative, holistic, mind/body healing modalities aid well-being, enhance mainstream medicine, reduce (or eliminate) pain, lower stress and support your body's natural healing abilities. Gentle yet powerful. Customize into packages that are right for you.

"That  body treatment was amazing. The session with you was so much more than I anticipated. You've really got the touch. So profound. I'll be back just to have another session."  - Nicole A., Salem, OR


Aromatherapy is an ancient art and science using pure plant-based Essential Oils for healing. Experience a ritual of 8 Essential Oils applied along energy meridians of your back and feet. Exquisitely fragrant, these Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils are pressed into your skin with gentle touch to balance your nervous system, reduce stress and enhance your immune system to support healing.

30 minutes* $65  (Express does not include feet)

60 minutes* $95

"I just started a week long trip. My AromaTouch Treatment cleansed all the stress from home & work, so now I'm open and clear for the experiences that are ahead of me."  - Darlene R, Roslyn WA

Spa Sanctuary


Experience a relaxing ritual as 4 pairs of Essential Oils combined with Organic CBD Oil are gently applied to the energy meridians of your back and feet. CBD and Essential Oils address muscle soreness, relaxation, inflammation and immune support.  Aromatherapy and energy healing add rejuvenation to your tired, sore back and feet. (It’s the closest thing to massage that we offer. It's heavenly.)

30 minutes* $85  (Express: excludes foot treatment)

60 minutes* $120

"I can't imagine feeling any better." Michelle W., Hood River, OR


Experience an ancient energetic healing transmission via light touch. Aids deep relaxation by gently directing universal life force (also known as chi, prana, or Holy Spirit) into your (fully clothed) body. Revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Reduces pain and activate your body's natural healing ability.

30 minutes* $75

60 minutes* $95

"The moment your put your hands over me, I felt the heat coming off them, and something on my left side shifted and re-aligned. You're really doing something. Powerful!" Angelina R., Portland OR


Combine Reiki Energy Therapy with crystals on and around your body. Amplified with sound for deep peace in a super-charged treatment

30 minutes* $75

60 minutes* $95

"The moment your put your hands over me, I felt the heat coming off them, and something on my left side shifted and re-aligned. You're really doing something. Powerful!" Angelina R., Portland OR



Relax your whole body through your feet. Start with a warm AromaTherapy clay/mineral salt soak, followed by salt buff exfoliation. Then Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are ritually applied to the reflexology zones and meridian points of your feet. Refreshes your whole system: mind, body & spirit.

60 minutes* $95

Add Organic CBD Oil $25

"Just what I needed! My whole body relaxes when I get my feet rubbed. You added extras that made it so complete! Thanks!" Ellen P., Portland OR


Multi-layered experience with deep clean, salt buff, clay mask detox, hot towels, warm stones and massage roller oil serums.

60 minutes* $95

Add Organic CBD Oil $25

“It was a magnificent and deeply healing/nourishing experience! Thank you, Claire!” Paulette R., Bellingham, WA


Rebalance body/mind/spirit through the ancient temple art of sacred oil anointing, with energy clearing and soul coaching.

60 minutes* $150

Add Organic CBD Oil $25


Replenish & recharge your mind, body & spirit with color and light. Gemstones and crystals are carefully placed on and around the energy centers of your face and (fully clothed) body. Energy balancing, aromatherapy and sound deepen your experience. Clients report this as a profound experience. 

60 minutes* $95

30 minutes $75

*Sessions include time for consultation, dressing and completion.



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What Is Energy Medicine?

Life force energy flows throughout our physical body, nourishing the muscles, organs and cells to support our vital functions.

Ancient wisdom traditions called these energy pathways chakras, chi or meridians.

Our life energy is responsive to thoughts and feelings. (Haven’t you entered a room when someone is having a bad day?)

When this flow of life force is disrupted through conscious or unconscious thought and feelings, this trauma can cause diminished function in the systems of physical body.

How Does it Heal?

Energy Medicine heals by directing positive healing energy through the affected parts of the body. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the body causing negative or stuck energy to break apart and fall away.

Reiki, Gem Therapy and AromaTouch are gentle yet powerful systems of energetic healing. These modalities clear and align the energy pathways.

By helping life force to flow unobstructed in a healthy, natural way, we support the body's innate capacity to heal. Healing may be physical, mental, spiritual or emotional; past, present and future.

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