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Go Beyond Fluff & Buff: Rejuvenate Body, Mind & Spirit


Body Therapies

Deep Healing for Body, Mind & Soul

Maybe it's time for you to relax. Deep and healing holistic mind/body modalities aid well-being, enhance mainstream medicine, reduce (or eliminate) pain, lower stress and support your body's natural healing abilities. Gentle yet powerful.

"I just started a week long trip. My Aroma Touch Treatment cleansed all the stress from home & work, so now I'm open and clear for the experiences that are ahead of me."  - Darlene R, Roslyn WA

That was amazing. The session with you was so much more than I anticipated. You've really got the touch. So profound. I'll be back just to have another session."  - Nicole A., Salem, OR



Spa Services - Body Therapies: Historic Balch Hotel, centrally located on the columbia river gorge in Dufur, OR

Aromatherapy is an ancient art and science using plant-based Essential Oils for healing. Experience a ritual application of 8 Essential Oils along energy meridians of your back and feet. Exquisitely fragrant, these Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils are applied with gentle touch to balance your nervous system, reduce stress and enhance your immune system to support healing. (It’s the closest thing  to  full-body massage that we offer. It's gorgeous.) 
30 minutes* $55  (Does not include feet)
60 minutes* $85

Ancient energetic healing transmission via light touch. Aids deep relaxation by gently directing universal life force (also known as chi, prana, or Holy Spirit) into your (fully clothed) body. Revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Reduces pain and activate your body's natural healing ability .
30 minutes* $55
60 minutes* $80


Spa Services - Gem Therapies: Historic Balch Hotel, centrally located on the columbia river gorge in Dufur, OR

Carefully selected gemstones are placed on and around your head and body at key locations — acupuncture meridians and chakra centers -- and are activated with sound. Reiki is given to synergistically  amplify the gems to supercharge the session. Clients report deep peace, heightened awareness, and mental clarity.
30 minutes* $55
60 minutes* $85

Replenish & recharge  your mind, body & spirit  with color and light. Gemstones and crystals are carefully placed on and around the energy centers on your face and (fully clothed) body,  Energetic balancing, aromatherapy and sound  deepen your experience. Clients report this as a profound experience. 
30 minutes* $55
60 minutes* $80

Treat your feet with a warm AromaTherapy mineral salt soak, followed by salt buff. Then relax as  Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are ritually applied to the reflexology zones and meridian points of your feet. Refreshes your whole body, replenishes your mind.
30 minutes* $55
60 minutes* $85

A ritual  of reconnection that varies with your need and interest. May include sacred oil anointing, energy healing, soul coaching and oracle card reading. Address core questions, untangle challenges, clear blocks, and receive divinely timed messages about your path and calling. Explore questions about Mary Magdalene and connect with her Divine Feminine Soul wisdom.  
30 minutes* $75
60 minutes* $150
90 minutes* $222

*Sessions include time for consultation, dressing and completion.

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What Is Energy Medicine?

Life force energy flows throughout our physical body, nourishing the muscles, organs and cells  to support our vital functions.

Ancient wisdom traditions called these energy pathways chakras, chi or meridians.

Our life energy is responsive to thoughts and feelings. (Haven’t you entered a room when someone is having a bad day?)

When this flow of life force is disrupted through conscious or unconscious thought and feelings, this trauma can cause diminished function in the systems of physical body.

How Does it Heal?

Energy Medicine heals by directing positive healing energy through the affected parts of the body. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the body causing negative or stuck energy to break apart and fall away.

Reiki, Gem Therapy and AromaTouch are gentle yet powerful systems of energetic healing. These modalities  clear and align the energy pathways.

By helping life force to flow unobstructed in a healthy, natural way, we support the body's innate capacity to heal. Healing may be physical, mental, spiritual or emotional; past, present and future.



Experience rejuvenation to your core, with skin that glows from within

Life can be busy and stressful. Imagine receiving a deeply regenerating treatment, tailored towards your skin concerns, using aromatherapy-based skincare products. Your Bliss at the Balch Facial Treatment is customized towards creating optimum rejuvenation for you.

You'll start with a brief consultation and thorough skin care analysis by your esthetician to help determine just the right treatment for you. Personally-selected essential oils and skincare products are chosen for you.

All Bliss at the Balch Facials include deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming (or cool) towels, purifying or hydrating mask, extractions (as needed),  rich moisturizing and aromatherapy. Complimentary Reiki energy therapy is offered during mask treatment.

You'll also receive a regenerative massage of the face, neck, shoulders and décolleté that is deeply restorative for body, mind and spirit. The result being a bliss breakthrough transporting you to a place of tranquility.

Experience rejuvenation at its best--you'll leave glowing and deeply refreshed, inside and out.

"I had my first facial with Claire. I felt I could have laid on her table for 20 hours. Worth every penny. If you're hesitating, don't! I'd do it again in a second!" Carolyn P., Portland, OR

"That was amazing. The session with you was so much more than I anticipated. You've really got the touch. So profound. I'll be back just to have another session." Nicole A., Salem, OR

Spa services - Luxurious Facials: Historic Balch Hotel, centrally located on the columbia river gorge in Dufur, OR

 M E N U

REJUVENATE - Our Signature Bliss Treatment
Includes restorative, hydrating treatment customized for mature, dry, sensitive or reactive skin. Purifying for oily, challenged, congested or aneic skin.
30 minutes* $55 (Does not include mask)
60 minutes* $85

Add Reiki boost (15 minutes) $25

PRECIOUS - Gem Facial  
Signature Bliss Treatment combined with the Gem Therapy session for added luxury. Experience pure delight as the synthesis of the gemstone healing with the facial treatment make this a divine appointment with bliss. 
75 minutes* $105

INDULGE- Gem Reiki Facial
It turns out you CAN have it all! Supercharge your exquisite Signature Bliss Facial experience with the addition of Reiki & Gem Therapy treatments for the maximum bliss ticket. (Details below)
90 minutes* $130

GENT - Men's Treatment 
Custom-designed for the specific needs of guy’s skin. Deep-pore cleansing, exfoliation and toning is the ultimate skin tune up. Includes scalp, neck and shoulder massage, with optional hand/arm treatment for rough and tired bodies. With suggestions for easy home care.
30 minutes* $55 (Does not include mask)
60 minutes* $85

Add hand/arm treatment $15

BACK RELIEF - Back Facial
Skin care and deep relaxation adapted for this notoriously over-worked, hard to reach area.  Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions to clarify the skin, followed by warm towels and deep moisturizing aromatherapy treatment for a healthy, rejuvenated back.
60 minutes* $85

*Sessions include time for consultation and dressing.

Schedule your Bliss at the Balch Spa Treatment, contact Claire Sierra:

Call/text 541.659.7284

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doTERRA Aromatherapy Skincare

Our commitment to your optimum spa experience means offering the highest quality, purest, most effective skincare we can find--that won't break the bank. We are excited to offer dōTERRA Skincare and Essential Oils in our Spa, for Aromatherapy Facials and Body Treatments.

Veráge is a scientifically formulated system of natural skin care that nourishes and hydrates skin, and reduces visible signs of aging. The advanced plant technology promotes an optimal lipid balance—the same balance found in healthy, youthful-looking skin.

The Veráge system contains nourishing plant extracts, pure, potent CPTG® essential oils, and select natural ingredients, that have been extensively researched and shown to promote:
 * Smoother skin texture.
 * Reduces appearance of wrinkles.
 * Minimizes pore appearance.
 * Evens skin tone.
 * Protects against further damage.
 * Improves cellular hydration.

DoTERRA's Veráge Skin Care Collection delivers results you can see and feel, naturally. These same stringent standards are found in doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils.

DoTERRA Skincare and Aromatherapy Essential Oils are available in the hotel or on line at our doTERRA shop.

To purchase: visit our Bliss at the Balch Spa on the Second floor.
Call/text Claire Sierra at 541.659.7284 to bring Bliss at the Balch home with you.
Or Email:


Spa Packages

Ready for a different spa experience?

Sometimes you need a bit more support to get yourself back on track. Enjoy a package  that pairs a targeted spa  treatment with supportive resources that you can use during your stay, and take home. 

Begin with Organic artisan tea or locally roasted coffee to sip. Receive an extended coaching consultation with recommendations. Then segue into a delicious spa treatment to address a key concern (See choices below*).

You’ll also receive the following:

  • Guided Meditation Recording (via audio download)
  • Goddess Coloring Book and Oil Pastels (print and PDF)
  • Resource Guide or Action Plan (print or PDF)
  • Customized Essential Oil Blend
  • How to Use Essential Oils Guide (print or PDF)

Use these resources during your stay and enjoy at home again & again.

Finish feeling refreshed, rejuvenated & reconnected from the inside out!

*Please Note: While each treatment is designed to support each challenge area, they can be swapped if you prefer. 


Deep Rest – Overcome Insomnia

Is sleep a struggle? Avoid endless tossing and turning, enjoy deep rest at the Balch (and beyond.) Rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit.

Includes:  Gem Facial Treatment, Sleep Hygiene Primer, guided meditation, Goddess Coloring Book with oil pastels & custom essential oil blend (and guide) formulated for deep rest and renewal. $195

Beat the Blues – Depression Relief

Discover creative tools that shift you into hope, and possibility. Release underlying patterns that keep you feeling stuck, sad & uninspired. 

Includes: Gem-Reiki Treatment, guided meditation, Depression Relief Guide, Goddess Coloring Book with oil pastels, and custom essential oil blend  (and guide) to uplift and inspire your soul’s highest potential. $195

Stress Reset – Anxiety Release

End excess worry and anxiety that steal your well-being. Discover ways to reset from habitual stress. Relax and allow your best self to shine.

Includes: AromaTouch Body Treatment, guided meditation, Goddess Coloring Book with oil pastels,  Anxiety Reset Plan and a custom essential oil blend (and guide) for calm & serenity. $195

"I was immediately attracted to the 'Beat the Blues' package as that's exactly what I was feeling– the winter blues. Claire's Gem-Reiki Treatment was just what I didn't know I needed to pull me out. The coaching consultation session before the treatment was important: figuring out and expressing where I was at helped me. After the spa treatment, I felt clear and focused on what I wanted to do next.. Now I feel more capable and determined to follow or reinvent goals that truly inspire me."     - April S., The Dalles, OR 

You can purchase a package here:

Special Packages button

You will be contacted to confirm an available time.

When booking  less than a day before your arrival, please call or text Claire to schedule your appointment: 541.659.7284

Note: Spa Wellness Services are intended to be complementary, not as alternatives to medical treatment. Please consult your health care provider when determining if this is suitable for you. 

Art Therapy/ Soul Coaching

Ready for Your Bliss Breakthrough?

Many of us are now feeling called to be or do something more. Yet often are so worn down from cultural programming and putting ourselves last.

This can look or feel like depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, overwhelm. Underneath there’s a nagging sense of a bigger, deeper, brighter you, that’s aching to be free.

End your misery.

Access A Different Possibility

Your wisdom and power is alive within you, it just needs tending and training.

Connect with deep feminine magic and replenish yourself from a sacred well from a different source.

When making quantum shifts in life, we can rarely see and make sense of it on our own. Don’t struggle alone anymore. Get the support and skills you need to unlock the beauty your soul yearns for.

Activate your inner priestess and become who you really came here to be. It’s time. Get clarity, confidence and an embodied connection to your calling. Your future self is waiting!

Using Art Therapy, Soul Coaching and cutting edge Energy Therapies, we’ll identify your challenge and what’s needed to create a life you want to live.

Learn skills and tools to create the changes you’re longing for. without spending 10 years on a couch. With my clinical background in Solution Focused Brief Therapy, it’s usually 10 sessions or less.

Deep listening, compassionate inquiry and a profound space of presence clear blocks, shift beliefs and awaken deeper power within.

Sometimes one session is all you need.

Where does this happen? Your session will be held in my office at the Bliss at the Balch Spa, at the award-winning, boutique, historic Balch Hotel in Dufur, Oregon.

Just 15 minutes from The Dalles, this space offers you a unique experience of  privacy  and self-nourishing relaxation, unlike typical counseling offices.

Not able to make the trip? Meeting virtually is an option in some cases. Let’s discuss that possibility.

Ready to get started?!


Art Therapy / Soul Coaching: Single Session

Join me in my spa temple office: In person at Bliss at the Balch Spa. Or by phone Zoom or Skype.

60 minute session $150

Payable in cash, check or credit card at or before services are rendered.
Insurance not accepted.


Need to check it out first? Sign up for a complimentary in-person Breakthrough Session HERE


Therapy / Coaching Packages

Create the changes you desire without spending years getting there, usually 10 sessions or less.

So to make it easier,and more affordable, I’ve created packages for regular support so you can dive in. Once we decide to work together, I’ll send you a link.

3 Sessions $400
9 Sessions $1200

Payable in cash, check or credit card at or before services are rendered.
Insurance not accepted. (Curious why? See HERE.)

NOTE: If we've not met yet, we'll need to talk first before a package is purchased.  Sign up for a single session (above) or brief complimentary in-person Breakthrough Session HERE

Private Day Retreat

Embody Your Calling

 Find & Live Your Bliss

At times we need something to help us re-focus and create a shift in our lives. Be guided through a deeper experience designed just for you during your visit to the Balch. Activate the breakthrough you are looking to create in your life.

Customized just for you.

This full day rejuvenation/restart experience is designed to: 

  • End confusion and find clarity, courage and confidence as you ignite deeper connection to yourself and your higher guidance.
  • Explore challenges blocking your soul alignment with tools and experiences that release them.
  • Discover deeper clarity and peace about next steps for a more authentic and expressed version the life your heart desires.

Your Retreat Day starts with an Intake Session and an Ignition Ritual to check in, set your intention and to plot our course. It evolves organically, based on your need. 

Dive into a Soul Art Therapy and/or Coaching session.

Break for lunch (provided*)

Take a short guided walk (or sit quietly and journal or draw) to digest & embody your experience.

Choose a 1-hour spa treatment to receive deeper transformation.

Finish with an integration session to digest your experience & and completion ritual to explore next steps and wrap up.

*Includes local/organic lunch from our Light Fare Menu, along with artisan teas, coffee and other treats. Dinner available by reservation.

Overnight lodging at the Balch Hotel in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon, is encouraged to deepen your experience–but not included. *

Find your Bliss Day Retreat
5 hour experience: $995.*
To Register Reserve Your Retreat HERE

Once you register, you’ll get a link to schedule your day, along with a questionnaire to guide our journey.

Questions before registering? Email us.

Live Your Bliss: Private Day Retreat PLUS

In order to keep the magic and transformation you going that you experienced, you're going to need support to continue the shift.

This package includes the Day Retreat outlined above PLUS 2 follow up sessions to fine tune what you received and keep you on track. (Because we all lose focus after breakthrough experiences.)

Afterward, spend the night at the Balch Hotel in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon. Overnight lodging is encouraged to deepen your integration experience–but not included. *

Live your Bliss Day Retreat PLUS
5 hour experience (outlined above)
PLUS 2 follow up sessions: $1195* (highly recommended)
To Register Click HERE

Once you register, you’ll get a link to schedule your day, along with a questionnaire to get started.

Questions before registering? Email us.

*To see your lodging options at the Balch Hotel click HERE


Craft a VIP experience just for yourself, a girlfriend getaway, mom-daughter, bachelorette retreat, corporate meeting, book club, or family reunion, etc..

Combine your favorite Bliss at the Balch Spa Treatments with Bliss Breakthrough Retreat Activities to deepen your transformation while staying at The Balch.

Weave together Spa Services and Guided Retreat Experiences that match your need and desire from our menu of creative and reflective activities:

  • soul art painting
  • discovery session
  • guided and silent meditation
  • yoga/movement
  • guided journaling
  • medicine walk in nature
  • aromatherapy hand or foot treatments
  • meditative walk (labyrinth coming soon)

Create a dynamic and rejuvenative experience during your stay with us.

And to help you integrate what you explored & experienced, follow-up coaching is available to keep your momentum going once you return home.

These experiences are available ala carte or as part of a larger package.

We offer a complimentary Bliss Breakthrough Discovery Session to plan your journey.

Contact Claire Sierra, MA, LFT to explore and discuss the menu of possibilities to create a dynamic and rejuvenative experience for your stay.

5 hour experience (including lunch*) Choose from activities listed: $995

3 hour experience (including lunch*) Choose from activities listed: $495

**Includes local/organic lunch from our Light Fare Menu, along with artisan teas, coffee and other treats. 

Phone: 541.659.7284 
Email: Claire (at) with questions or to register.

Unsure of what to choose or how to make it perfect for you? Set up an appointment to chat HERE


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