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Rejuvenation at your essence, so you glow from within

Spa treatments at the Balch Hotel

Life is busy and stressful. Your Bliss at the Balch Facial Treatment is customized to create optimum rejuvenation for you.

Imagine receiving a deeply regenerating treatment, tailored to your skin, using clean, professional, aromatherapy-based skincare products from DoTerra–you'll leave glowing and refreshed, inside and out.

"I had my first facial with Claire. I felt I could have laid on her table for 20 hours. Worth every penny. If you're hesitating, don't! I'd do it again in a second!" -Carolyn P., Portland, OR

"That was amazing. The session with you was so much more than I anticipated. You've really got the touch. So profound. I'll be back here just to have another session." -Nicole A., Salem, OR


You'll start with a brief consultation and thorough skin care analysis by your esthetician to help determine just the right treatment for you. Customized selection of essential oils and skincare products are chosen with your needs in mind.

Next you'll receive a deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), targeted moisturizing, and purifying or hydrating mask. Includes steaming (or cool) towels, and complimentary Reiki energy therapy during mask treatment.

Finally, enjoy a regenerative massage of the face, neck, shoulders and décolleté that transports you to a place of bliss.

REJUVENATE - Our Signature Bliss Facial 

Includes restorative, hydrating treatment customized for mature, dry, sensitive or reactive skin. Or purifying for oily, challenged, congested or acneic skin.

60 minutes* $95

Add Reiki Boost (15 minutes) $25

Add Organic CBD oil (cleanse, massage & moisturize) $25

Add Gua Sha Rose Quartz massage $25

Add Organic CBD hand & arm treatment $25

Gem Facial

Carefully selected gemstones are placed on and around your body at key locations — acupuncture meridians and chakra centers — and are activated via sound. Clients report deep peace, heightened awareness, and mental clarity.

75 minutes* $150

Add Reiki Boost (15 minutes) $25

Express Facial

A brief blast of skin bliss for when your schedule is tight.

30 minutes* $75 (Does not include mask)

Add Reiki Boost (15 minutes) $25

Add Organic CBD oil (cleanse, massage & moisturize) $25

GENT - Men's Treatment 

Custom-designed for the specific care of guy’s skin. Deep-pore cleansing, exfoliation and toning is the ultimate skin tune up. Includes scalp, neck and shoulder massage. With optional hand/arm treatment for tired bodies.

30 minutes* $65 (Does not include mask)

60 minutes* $95

Add Organic CBD hand/arm treatment $25

*Sessions include time for consultation, dressing and completion.


CALL/TEXT 541.659.7284


You can make your purchase online here:

Claire will contact you to confirm an available time.



Our commitment to your optimum spa experience means offering the highest quality, purest, most effective skincare we can find–that won't break the bank. We are excited to offer dōTERRA Skincare and Essential Oils in our Spa, for Aromatherapy Facials and Body Treatments.

Veráge is a scientifically formulated system of natural skin care that nourishes and hydrates skin, and reduces visible signs of aging. The advanced plant technology promotes an optimal lipid balance—the same balance found in healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Doterra essential oils

The Veráge system contains nourishing plant extracts, pure, potent CPTG® essential oils, and select natural ingredients, that have been extensively researched and shown to promote: 

* Smoother skin texture. 

* Reduces appearance of wrinkles. 

* Minimizes pore appearance. 

* Evens skin tone. 

* Protects against further damage. 

* Improves cellular hydration.

DoTERRA's Veráge Skin Care Collection delivers results you can see and feel, naturally. These same stringent standards are found in doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils.

DoTERRA Skincare and Aromatherapy Essential Oils are available in the hotel.

To purchase: visit our Bliss at the Balch Spa on the Second floor.Call/text Claire Sierra at 541.659.7284 to bring Bliss at the Balch home with you.

Or Email:

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