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Spa Packages


Sometimes you need a bit more support to get yourself back on track. Enjoy a package  that pairs a targeted spa  treatment with supportive resources that you can use during your stay, and take home.

Begin with Organic artisan tea or locally roasted coffee to sip. Receive an extended coaching consultation with recommendations. Then segue into a delicious spa treatment to address a key concern (See choices below*).

  • You’ll also receive the following:
  • Guided Meditation Recording (via audio download)
  • Goddess Coloring Book and Oil Pastels (print and PDF)
  • Resource Guide or Action Plan (print or PDF)
  • Customized Essential Oil Blend
  • How to Use Essential Oils Guide (print or PDF)

Use these resources during your stay and enjoy at home again & again.

Finish feeling refreshed, rejuvenated & reconnected from the inside out!

*Please Note: While each treatment is designed to support each challenge area, they can be swapped if you prefer.


Is sleep a struggle? Avoid endless tossing and turning, enjoy deep rest at the Balch (and beyond.) Rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit.

Includes:  Gem Facial Treatment, Sleep Hygiene Primer, guided meditation, Goddess Coloring Book with oil pastels & custom essential oil blend (and guide) formulated for deep rest and renewal. $195


Discover creative tools that shift you into hope, and possibility. Release underlying patterns that keep you feeling stuck, sad & uninspired.

Includes: Gem-Reiki Treatment, guided meditation, Depression Relief Guide, Goddess Coloring Book with oil pastels, and custom essential oil blend  (and guide) to uplift and inspire your soul’s highest potential. $195


End excess worry and anxiety that steal your well-being. Discover ways to reset from habitual stress. Relax and allow your best self to shine.

Includes: AromaTouch Body Treatment, guided meditation, Goddess Coloring Book with oil pastels,  Anxiety Reset Plan and a custom essential oil blend (and guide) for calm & serenity. $195

“I was immediately attracted to the ‘Beat the Blues’ package as that’s exactly what I was feeling– the winter blues. Claire’s Gem-Reiki Treatment was just what I didn’t know I needed to pull me out. The coaching consultation session before the treatment was important: figuring out and expressing where I was at helped me. After the spa treatment, I felt clear and focused on what I wanted to do next.. Now I feel more capable and determined to follow or reinvent goals that truly inspire me.”     – April S., The Dalles, OR

You can make your purchase online here:

special packages

You will be contacted to confirm an available time.

When booking  less than a day before your arrival, please call or text Claire to schedule your appointment: 541.659.7284

Note: Spa Wellness Services are intended to be complementary, not as alternatives to medical treatment. Please consult your health care provider 

when determining if this is suitable for you.