hiking in Mt Hood National Forest

Fall into Gratitude: Well Being Tips + Winter Events

BY: CLAIRE SIERRA Access the Hidden Power of Gratitude Let’s be real: it’s been an intense year and we’re not done yet, are we? The next few months are likely to be some of the wackiest we’ve seen, ever. Just as things were rebounding from the never-ending pandemic, then (much needed) racial rebalancing, and wildfires. …

Combine harvesting wheat with Mt Hood in background, Dufur OR

Nine Travel Trends You Can Live With

BY: CLAIRE SIERRA It’s busy harvest time in the rolling wheat fields around Dufur. But for many of us, this season is all about relaxation or exploration. Or both! You probably noticed your vacation planning is kind of wonky this year. Things you anticipated doing….not. (cue sad music) While others—unexpectedly—rise to the top. Folks are …

relaxing in hammock, Balch Hotel

Clean, Spacious, Airy, Open

BY: JOSIAH DEAN Summertime is here, It’s not the one we anticipated, is it? It’s an interesting time to plan any kind of vacation or getaway, isn’t it? ☹️ The desire is there. And yet… so is the concern. Is it safe to travel? We believe so. Celebrate summer, in a clean, open, airy space, …



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