May 1, 2018

Awaken Your Sense of Aliveness

By: Josiah Dean

Awaken Your Sense of Aliveness

 Happy May Day, 

We’re enjoying a getaway from the hotel as I write this. As a hotelier, that’s interesting because “home” for us is a place where other people get away to, yet for us, we get away from.

Traveling always brings challenges, but gifts too. Whether its exploring new territory, or revisiting familiar haunts, traveling alters us. (That’s why we do it, right?)

Being away from home gives us perspective that we can’t get on our home turf.

There’s something about eating, sleeping and visiting in new, unfamiliar places that is vaguely unsettling and yet enervating. It’s welcome a break from the norms, habits and patterns of our lives; new ideas and insights arise.

Being slightly removed from our usual creature comforts brings us to full presence — and hopefully a sense of aliveness and joy about what we are experiencing. It’s just enough to jar us awake to appreciate our life, spouse, traveling companions, etc.

We’re aware of this transition for you and do our best to create the optimum environment for comfort, excitement and the wonder of new discoveries.

Spring Fever

The hills surrounding the hotel are verdant, green and sparkling with vitality. Spring seems to inspire renewal, change and action. Something within starts to awaken — ancient forces of nature within and around us. We crave warming sunshine, gentle rain and careful tending. We’re drawn to evaluate (and perhaps shift) the course direction of the year.

Spring Fever often triggers a yearning for something more. Maybe an urge to get away and experience something different. Shake the cobwebs loose and refill your well with experiences that fill your soul with inspiration, depth, knowledge or adventure. (Hint: spa treatments and wellness sessions are great for this.)
If you’re in need of some time away to recharge and replenish, see what adventures and retreats might suit you in Summer and Fall.

And who knows? The weather is such that you might even get out on the patio! We’ve been up leveling the restaurant, so you can expect to have dinner here. (And please, let us know more of what you want.) We’ve got a cozy room with a view, locally sourced wine, beer and a spa/wellness session waiting for you.

It’s Spring, how is your life blooming?

Claire & Josiah for Team Balch

P.S. If you’re not a “group person”—or want more personalized support—you might love the customized private retreats we’ve been offering, starting as low as $199 (plus lodging). You can see the details HERE. To reserve spa or wellness sessions, call or text Claire directly: 541.659.7284.

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