April 5, 2018

Wild Creative Adventures Await You

By: Josiah Dean

Wild Creative Adventures Await You

Spring is Blossoming!

The shift from Winter to Spring seems swift and effortless. While the skiing is still great up on the mountain, (and we have a great deal on ski passes) around here, it’s all about green hills and Spring blooms.

Change is in the air and it stirs a process that’s deep. Something within starts to awaken. The dreams and intentions of past seasons are now starting to burst through the fertile soil of our lives, blossoming into reality.

Yet that process can be slow going and sometimes we need help. The human version of warming sunshine, gentle rain and careful tending.

It often signals a yearning for something more. Maybe an urge to get away and experience something different. Shake the cobwebs loose and refill your well with experiences that fill your soul with inspiration, depth, knowledge or adventure.

You like getting away to recharge, and there are so many ways to do that. So why do a weekend retreat, tour or workshop?

Retreats and workshops are magical spaces of possibility: time out of time to reset and reconnect with yourself and those around you. The container of the experience brings us places (inside and out) that we don’t go on our own. Plus, there’s something about the power of the group support and being guided, that makes the process more interesting (and fun!)

One retreat guest, Savana said it was life changing! "I just want to thank you again for that retreat. It literally changed my life. I came home a changed person and I haven't gone back. I was so busy working, it was sucking the life out of me. I'd lost touch with myself and I was so unhappy. I reconnected to the magical visionary part of me (and dropped a lot of baggage, too.)"

So we’ve curated an interesting mix of experiences to satiate your curiosity and inspire creativity, kindle your sense of adventure, and soothe your weary soul with space for reflective contemplation.

Melanie came to a women’s self-care retreat with Claire, and said, "Great, magical, transformative retreat. I enjoyed every minute of it." (She plans to be here again in April.)

Maybe you like intellectual stimulation or time to connect with Nature. Or you’re wanting to explore your creativity. Perhaps you’re craving more time for yourself, soul-care, or more meaningful connection with your beloved. Or more adventure, with activities to explore the landscape and meet new people.

Like Barbara, who said, “I just love coming to these weekends. This is my third one and even though I live nearby and can do this on my own, I love the company and having everything put together so nicely for us.” (She just signed up Wildflowers & Wine.)

If you’re hungry for some time away to recharge and replenish, check out the tours, adventures, retreats and experiences HERE. There’s something for just about everyone. (We’ve included a few Autumn experiences too. For you plan-aheaders. ;) )

And who knows? The weather is such that you might even get out on the patio! Regardless, we’ve been upleveling the restaurant so you can expect to have dinner here, and made spa experiences more enticing. Let us know more of what you want.

If you’re ready, come on out! We’ve got a cozy room with a view, locally sourced wine, beer and a spa/wellness session waiting.

It’s spring, how is your life in bloom?

Claire, Josiah & Team Balch

P.S. . If you’re not into the “group thing,” you might prefer the customized private experiences we’ve been offering. You can see the details HERE. To reserve rooms and spa sessions, book directly on our website or call 541.467.2277.

And if you’re looking to hit the big powder at Mt Hood before you spend the night, enjoy our great Stay and Play Ski Package (with discounted lift tickets!)

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