Craving Something More on Your Next Trip?
Craving Something More on Your Next Trip?, Historic Balch Hotel


Howdy Wellness Traveler!
The way life unfolds is often pretty amazing when we let it. A trend expanding right before our eyes in myriad ways.

Last month we shared about how Wellness Tourism—travel associated with enhancing personal well-being—is becoming a big thing in the hospitality industry. (Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, it’s likely you’re want to bring your healthy habits on the road with you.)

Lately we’re seeing lots of travelers becoming more drawn to experiences that enhance mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

After all, when we get away—out of our habits and routines—that we can get back to our true selves. Trying out new-for-you wellness experiences, accessories, or rituals.
We’re witnessing trend of folks coming here FOR that wellness experience. Wellness Travel takes on a whole different meaning and purpose when you’re sick or unhappy. And we had already been sensing this: something more and different was needed, upleveling our Bliss at the Balch Spa offerings.

Having a healing arts practitioner* on staff means that in addition to hiking, wine-tasting and cultural experiences, you can spend a bit of your time on an area that’s been keeping you stuck. Maybe you’re at the end of a long transition and you need to find clarity about your life direction, or you struggle with insomnia, depression or anxiety.

Being a historic country inn, the Balch is not uber-trendy. Our vision is to leverage our rural setting and historic charm as a place to retreat to, whether with family, a group or solo. (It seems something is working, despite being a petite hotel tucked into an out of the way place. Each week another 5 star review comes in, ranking #10 in Oregon’s Top 100 Travel Destinations– #1 in the Gorge. Wow!)

But we always want to provide cutting edge experiences for your well-being. And aligning with wellness to make things sustainable for people and planet is a core value.

The inherent value of elegant beauty, nature, connection with self and others, brings us home to ourselves. That’s when soul healing happens. Well being and wholeness happens in a lovely well-tended space where you can relax, bond with loved ones or your inner being. Find a sense of ease and grace, where you can relax and re-find your center.

So while we’ve has been interested for wellness treatments in Bliss at the Balch, we’re naturally skeptical about trends in the spa industry. But one of the hottest new resources for helping pain and creating balance body/mind/spirit I hard to ignore: hemp-based CBD.

Then a wonderful synchronicity connected Claire with a high integrity creator of Organic CBD. Since it’s hemp based, its low THC, so there’s all the benefit without the high, which makes it totally legal. So we’ll be integrating this into treatments soon. If you have suggestions, let us know.

Travel expands us and invites us to try new things we might not at home. Experiencing wellness sessions and spa treatments while you’re not in your habitual life situation allows deeper shifts to happen more quickly, gently and effectively.

Changes can occur while you’re out of your comfort zone while traveling. New insights and habits can emerge, while others can be released. Time away allows space for you to hit reset. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it’s more the intention you bring to your healing journey.

Maybe you’re ready for change but can’t quite get there by yourself. (hint: you’re not meant to go it alone!) To support these shifts, we’ve created some targeted Spa /wellness and coaching/therapy experiences* to enhance your well-being and help you find what you need to get back on track.

End your confusion. Find clarity, courage and confidence for the next steps on your path in life, as you access your deeper essence and find the authentic version of you that your soul craves. Often a few hours does the trick. But sometimes a deeper immersion is desired to activate the breakthrough you’re looking for. (Check out our full day guided retreat option.) Call/text 541.659.7284 to speak with Claire at Bliss at the Balch Spa or reserve directly with us on-line.

At a certain point we realize no one’s going to do it for us. Self care is soul care and it’s mandatory these days to stay balanced and sane as the world wobbles. Wellness experiences are real gifts to yourself (or hint: someone you love… gift certificates!)

While you’re here, it’s your retreat away from home. What would you like to see more/less of to enhance wellness at the Balch? Any CBD treatments you’d like to see offered here? Hit reply and let us know!

Meanwhile, we hope this Summer is filled with sunny goodness. As always, we have ideas to help that, scroll down and read below.

Where ever you’re at, find truly nurturing deliciousness for your weary soul. You deserve better.

Summer Blessings!

Claire & Josiah for Team Balch

*Claire has been an arts therapist for decades with advanced skills in soul purpose coaching, aromatherapy skin care, Reiki and more. You can read more about her here.

P.S. Ready to give it a whirl? Try our new spa & lodging package: When you book a Signature Room midweek, you get room discount plus a focused 30 minute treatment (choose from Facial, Reiki, AromaTouch or ReflexFeet).

Or add a Bliss Breakthrough Wellness Package to your overnight stay at the Balch. (Read on for more details below.)

Craving Something More on Your Next Trip?, Historic Balch Hotel
Craving Something More on Your Next Trip?, Historic Balch Hotel
Craving Something More on Your Next Trip?, Historic Balch Hotel
Craving Something More on Your Next Trip?, Historic Balch Hotel

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Craving Something More on Your Next Trip?, Historic Balch Hotel

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