Find Respite and Retreat Your Weary Mind and Beleaguered Spirit Are Longing For
Find Respite and Retreat Your Weary Mind and Beleaguered Spirit Are Longing For, Historic Balch Hotel

My, my is the news of the world bringing you down?

If you're like many of us, you're finding yourself a bit tattered and worn at the edges. This was "supposed to be" a summer of recovery, but with spiking pandemic numbers, viral breakthrough, vaxx woes, wildfires galore, and epic heat waves (followed by cool blasts) it's been exhausting—emotionally and physically.

Have you found yourself longing to get away from it all?

We feel you. And just might have a yummy solution (in more ways than one.)

Summer Relaxation Special

The summer has been super busy here at the Balch and we are so grateful to see guestfriends who crave the serenity, space and openness that's our hallmark.

For many of you it was your first time venturing away from home, since "you-know-what" hit.

Yet others have been out and about a lot. Sometimes you want in-depth conversation, other times quiet privacy—either way, is all good!

Either way, you're met with gracious hospitality and extreme caution and high attention to sanitation standards as we welcome you here. (Should you care, you can see all our COVID protocols here.)

And the 5 star feedback we're getting in the hotel, bistro and spa all shows you're loving it...yay! That's what we strive for with each of you. Really.

As the weather shifts, perhaps you're feeling it's travel time. Get out of the smoke (usually clear here) into the shade or A/C (some rooms, check yours.) Get a fresh point of view.

We see plenty of folks who pack in and out in almost the same breath. In one night out the next morning. Not even away 24 hours. While we're glad you're here, really that's no way to replenish!

Be sure you not only get away, but really get a chance to relax. Give yourself the gift of a getaway that's more than overnight.

Summer Getaway Special: Buy 2 nights, get the third 1/2 price.

Spa as Sanctuary

In the midst of a revolving door of social, environmental and global crisis, it's often hard to come back into balance, to feel healthy and whole. You can't be expected to do all your own self care in these challenging moments.

In many places the shutdown has meant an absence of touch therapies. Many are craving spa services as a means to regulate our stressed systems. And helping the body, mind and spirit to relax—regardless of your path--is really our forte.

So Bliss at the Balch is being reborn as Spa Sanctuary, to more accurately reflect the unique experiences here. And we've been busy! (You'll hear more about our branding update later.)

Many are feeling called to create some deep nurturance to support the life changes that are organically occurring now. Maybe you don't really know what's next or how to get there.

Maybe it's time for a deeper dive into your rejuvenation. Replenish your essence.

Some people aren't ready for an in-spa service. No problem! We've got ways to bring balance to you, with spa body treatments and wellness experiences inside the spa or out. Sessions range from 30 – 90 minutes, and address all aspects of being. You get to choose how deep you go.

Recent guest comments about Gem Reiki: "This was Magic."

AromaTouch: "I haven't ever relaxed that deeply. I'm telling all my friends."

Oracle Card Reading "...that was so right on and so helpful."

As this Summer rolls to a close, consider a trip to the Gorge and book some time for yourself in the hotel and spa. And don't forget your dinner reservation! Whether solo, in pairs, or pods, we hope to see you soon! (We like it when you're here.)



Claire Sierra, MA, LFT
Balch Hotel, Owner &  Spa Sanctuary, Wellness Priestess, author & founder of The Magdalene Path

P.S. Looking for an Extended Getaway? To encourage you to slow down and really experience the beauty of the Balch we are offering a special "Buy 2 Get The 3rd Half Off" Summer Getaway Special.

Looking ahead? While it's nearly impossible to plan far ahead, we're cautiously excited to add in a few events to gather safely. (And super COVID careful. Explore the early history of white immigrants on our Oregon Trail tour. Expect epic storytelling, history, trail tour, wagon ruts, picnic lunch on the trail, and special presentations with local historian. This year we're weaving in the native perspective with input from a tribal historian/guide. You can read more details and register here

P.S.S. Bistro news!...We are open for a safe and relaxing time.

The Bistro is open with inside dining, with extended counter service and outdoor dining on the patio. We continue to put together some wonderful specials and it's amazing inside or outside.

Rooms are still available and we continue to take extra precautions in cleaning, distancing, masking, etc.

The gardens are blooming, and so fragrant! Umbrellas are out, with more seating on the patio, and we have more fire-pit tables if you get too cool.

You're our kind of people!

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