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Engaged? Attending Wedding Shows?

This helpful tip will ease your stress load.

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Wedding shows are a blast! The energy is fun, the ideas are inspirational, and the Vendors want your business! 

If the show is really large, there is just no way you can hit all the booths. Vendors and show producers know this and need to connect you in hopes that you may need/want their services.

Every Vendor receives the list of emails of registrants. Some choose to use this list, others just contact couples who physically visit their booth. All Vendors are just wanting to see if they might be a perfect fit for you.

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What can sometimes happen is that after a wedding show the bride (usually uses her email address) begins to receive a bucket load of emails from Vendors who attended the show. This can be overwhelming!

Yes, some can border on stalker-like but most Vendors are honestly just trying to connect their service with your needs. So don't be too hard on the e-mail senders you aren't interested in. A polite "no thank you" is more than sufficient.

To keep your Wedding Life compartmentalized and more organized create a new email when you begin your wedding planning.

  • Catie & Kyle

 Create an email that you will use just for your wedding information. This way you can:
1) compartmentalize your Vendor information and wedding ideas
2) delete the email when you're married!

Having a separate email for your wedding planning will surely save you from loosing items, being even more distracted at work (how could you NOT be?? you're excited to plan a wedding!), and be more relaxed through the entire process.

Happy Planning!