December 2, 2019

YIKES! The Gift in Unintended Error

By: Claire Sierra

YIKES! The Gift in Unintended Error

I'm So Sorry!

I know it’s weird, but I wanted to start with an apology. Lately we’ve been trying new software for our emails and if you’ve noticed it’s not going so well. (If you’ve not noticed, that’s great!)

One day I accidentally sent you 3 emails that were meant to go out over a week. That was an unexpected glitch. Bad enough.

Then last week, mea culpa! I sent the whole list something intended for a few. Operator error.

New skills are hard to wrangle sometimes; this wasn’t my ideal. I value you and your readership—sending unintended emails is not my idea of good communication!

Knowing you as we do, we thank you in advance for your gracious goodwill and good humor. (I’ve appreciated the witty, kind replies I’ve received.)

I’ve been in a sharp learning curve and intending better in the nearest future, #FingersCrossed. Thanks for your patience.

The Gift of Unintended Error

We all goof up, so I’m not brow-beaten by this. I know there are edges and new learning in your horizon, too. What new ideas, experience are you venturing into?

Where can or do you have to stretch? This time of year, it’s good to review and reflect on that stuff. We can support and encourage each other when we invariably fall down.

My motto: It’s not how you fall down that matters, (that sh*t just happens) but how you get up that counts.

Speaking of new adventures, we are embarking in the wedding biz again. (If you read yesterday’s botched email send you know this!) After a few years of hosting only weddings that were finding us organically, we decided to go for it. No more hiding our light under bushel (in Dufur, that’s hay bales, thank you very much.)

Our space is unique--ideal for exclusive use, destination weddings—and in the Gorge, it’s the only one of its kind. Let us know if you want a tour or have questions. Better yet join us for lunch (on us!) (To set that up, reply here.)

Maybe you’re not in the market for a wedding spot. But a board Retreat? Corporate Training? Knitting Retreat? Writers Workshop? Family Reunion? Let’s talk!

Perhaps you really need to do something new and different this holiday season. Maybe the home front has changed and the same-old is not cutting it this year.

Looking for a Quieter, Quirky Alternative to All the Hoopla?

Do you ever wish the holidays could go back to a slower simpler time, without so much hype and commercialization? Yeah, us too. Try something different.

Small-town classic, Dufur Hometown Christmas might be the antidote. Sip holiday cheer strolling through Dufur to the craft bazaar, music, quilts and art shows. Don’t miss 2 highlights: Lighted Tractor Parade, followed by a 3 course Prime Rib or Vegetarian Dinner Special at the Balch. More details here.

Get away for a year-end festivities that are decidedly different. NYE Story/Poetry Slam and Dinner includes relaxing in the elegant lobby, a fabulous multi-course dinner in the Balch Bistro, time by the firepit outside or cozy in the parlor. Highlight: tell/hear stories and poetry a la The Moth Radio Show with decadent dessert. (By you and other guests!) Add in a sparkling wine toast around Denver Midnight 😊. See this year’s theme and all the details, here.

Souper Christmas Eve is an evening cozy around the tree, relaxing with hearty soup and classic stories, while sipping wine or tea with owners, Claire and Josiah. (Staff night off: home with kidlets!) It’s so low key we don’t even have an event page. Just RSVP so we know you’re coming, then join us! (Email or call 541.467.2277)

And for a deeper more soulful experience Rose Temple features the seasonal turn within, exploring blessings of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Winter Solstice. Check out the detail below.

Getaway time? Seasonal Treats

Visiting the Gorge now means smaller crowds at the usual spots (we won’t mention Multnomah Falls, it’s so loved to death.) Time for meandering the village, visiting nearby waterfalls, and lounging in the parlor by the tree, with a good book from our library.

The value of free time is underestimated. Answers to life’s conundrums start to untangle with time and space. So even though we curate and concierge all kinds of interesting experiences, we know nothing is exactly what you need sometimes. (Right?)

When’s the last time you took a day and "did nothing"? Ignore your email. Luxuriate in puttering around: knit a hat, take a walk in the woods (or rent our snowshoes), meditate and play with pastels. A session at Bliss at the Balch Spa Wellness gives you a mini retreat.

To entice you to make the trek, here’s a Holiday Getaway Special: Book one night, get the second half off. Call us to book directly for this special deal. 541.467.2277 Booking online? Use promo code: HOLIDAY2019 (Not valid with other offers.)

The restorative balm that the relaxed, elegant beauty of this historic inn, the wide-open, rolling hills and expansive (sunny!) sky brings relief. The colder season means the slow turn within. Come home to yourself.

The magic is closer than you think! Plus, it’s more fun when you’re here. 😉

Claire & Josiah for Team Balch

P.S. Don’t forget our Holiday Getaway Special: Book one night, get the second half off. Use the time to reflect on where you’ve been and what’s next. Write, draw, paint, read, snowshoe, hike...the choices are endless. Call us to book directly for this special: 541.467.2277 Booking online? Use promo code: HOLIDAY2019 (Not valid with other offers.)

OOPS! More shifts at the Balch Bistro. For now we’ve put a pause on Tri Tip Fridays. Expect other specials on the weekends. (We always have the simple tasty Light Fare menu always, but Reservations are required this time of year.)

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