February 17, 2015

Wedding Helpful Hints

By: Kent

Wedding Helpful Hints Weddings here at the Balch Hotel are simply amazing! The sunshine, grounds, hotel, and of course you, putting your own special design and style on the day. There are some helpful hints that can make ANY Gorge wedding run just a bit more smoothly: Don't forget to include your vendors in your catering and beverage plans! Also remember to include them in your plate/silverware count. Vendors function much better on your big day when they are not starving, and they typically expect to be fed anyway. Also, some caterers will have a less expensive dinner option for vendors. If your wedding/reception are outdoors it's very helpful to indicate this on your invitation. It might make the difference between wedges and stilettos! For those stilettos there is a handy helper for walking in the grass: Sole Mates. A SUPER fantastic idea to nab guest mailing addresses is to have them address the envelope themselves at your wedding! You can either have the Thank You note envelopes already ready to write on OR if you like the old fashioned address book (I still have one!), have them fill it up. Provide colored pens and your address book will be a colorful, fun memory of your day.

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