March 9, 2020

Spring Fling? Ideas for Apres Winter Revival

By: Claire Sierra

Spring Fling? Ideas for Apres Winter Revival

When Everything Old is New — Again

As human animals few things get our energy flowing like sunshine and spring shoots. This winter we’ve had more sun than recent memory and just today we’re seeing flowers poking up.

This is awesome for loads of reasons. We’ve been working like crazy putting together a variety of new experiences that we’re excited about.

Time away to write, draw, knit (or snuggle with your sweetheart), clears the cobwebs of routine existence and allows epiphanic breakthroughs to happen.

In these times, it’s increasingly important to prioritize your own self-care. That’s what feeds our weary souls and slumping spirits.

It’s crucial to weave into regular lifenot to put it off. Life offers an abundance of stress these days, and this demands that we develop regular practices, or get crushed by the pressure & negativity of it. (Not to be a downer, but its true!!)

In the complications of modern life, knowing which tools and strategies reset you is lifesaving.
What practices are you doing regularly? Which do you need to recommit to?

We’re finding that getting out and enjoying the respite of nature — getting away from it all — is top of the list for many travelers. It’s so cleansing: good for the body, mind & spirit. (Being at the edges of the Gorge, the high desert and Mt. Hood forest, The Balch is the perfect remedy for that. But then, I’m biased.)

Get Off The Beaten Path

Increasingly, we’re all wanting getaways that are unique, authentic, and a little bit quirky. High touch, low tech.

Wellness travel and green hospitality (which are core to our vision and brand) are not just slick trends, it’s how we’re orienting on the planet now.

Moving more slowly, eating locally, getting off the beaten path, traveling sustainably, getting away from the crowds. These are replenishments in our harried, hectic lives.

Who would’ve imagined that all this technology would bring us back to low tech things? Hands and hearts-on activities immerse us in something tangible: making something, an artisan facial, a fishing spot, or a deck chair with a book.

Things that once seemed "luxury" are now necessities for coping and coming back to balance. Not at all frou-frou. They’re deeply restorative and re-connective mind, body and spirit, because of the way our lives are wired now.

What a huge blessing that we get to offer you these experiences — re-awakening the magic in your life. Then we get to enjoy it too! Sure, at times our lives are hectic and high-tech, but your presence reminds us of what’s really important. (Hint: it’s not usually on a screen!)

Seek out the quirky and imaginative that calls to your heart. Maybe it’s something here this spring.

What sparks your fancy? What gets your blood moving? Reply here and let us know!

Don’t wait, the Magic is Closer Than You Think. Right now, it seems winter is over, but we know this is a ruse by Mother Nature. But still, it’s glorious!

Plus, if you’re struggling with the grey and rain where you are, "it’s always sunny in Dufur" we like to say (well, maybe not ALL the time, but we boast 300 days of sunshine a year!) So, if you suffer from seasonal blues you’re more likely to see the sun being at the east end of the Gorge.

If your interest is piqued and you’d like to know what the upcoming events are, scroll down or learn more here.

Enjoy "fakey spring", but don’t be surprised when winter returns...and good stuff is right around the bend!

Claire & Josiah for Team Balch

P.S. . Not a "group person"? Not everyone travels like that. Consider coming for your own private creative retreat. We’re adding all kinds of experiences and packages to add to your stay. Meditation, yoga, spa & wellness sessions, snowshoeing, forest bathing, and intuitive painting are just a few! We can customize a getaway just for you.

To entice you to do this for yourself, we’re happy to extend our Getaway Special through March. Book one night, get the second half off. To book directly for this special deal call 541.467.2277 Booking online? Use promo code: GETAWAY2020 (Not valid with other offers.)

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