June 5, 2017

Spa Bliss at the Balch?

By: Josiah Dean

Spa Bliss at the Balch?


The weather is shifted and the patio and hammocks are open for business, finally! This year, more than most, is a much-anticipated summer. We’re still having cool days (and always cool nights) though the sun is delightedly warming.  This makes it perfect for cycling and hiking around the Gorge and just up the road towards Mount Hood where wildflowers are still in bloom.

We still have guests arriving who are surprised that we offer dinner. WE OFFER DINNER! We’ve been busy reworking and upgrading our menu, as we ramp up the restaurant. We always have our Light Fare available. And we keep adding: handmade pies and weekend dinner specials (like pan-seared herbed chicken with roasted asparagus and nutty quinoa pilaf) have been huge hits. And our wine, beer and cider menu is always being updated. It’s one of the benefits of being in the 30 member Columbia Gorge AVA (wine growing region.) 

June is busier than we anticipated but we still have rooms available. We’re got a several fun evening events too: monthly Jam Nights with Josiah (our very own drummer who’s learning ukulele, too), and Sisterhood Suppers (open dinner conversations with Claire & other amazing women) as well as  Creative Spirit Art Parties  (paint your creativity nights) and free outdoor summer Concert with our dear friends (and awesome musicians) Chip and Bucky Dennerlein (and Mike Vitiger) are fun for local community as well as travelers. (Read on below or click here for details.)

As the sign on our lobby door states, all are welcome. Hope to see you soon. We like it when you’re here.


Claire, Josiah & all of Team Balch

P.S. The Bliss at the Balch was recently highlighted in a national spa magazine! Read on below to see why. You can see the whole article here.

{Article} Bliss at the Balch: Not Your Average Resort Spa Experience

Deanna moved awkwardly to get to the 2nd floor where Bliss at the Balch Spa is located. Considering she’s 9 months pregnant and due any day, that’s no surprise. As she settled into a warm detox foot soak, the precursor to her AromaTouch Treat Your Feet, she visibly relaxed. Later as pairs of 8 essential oils were applied in patterns to the meridian points of her feet, she sighed. “This feels so wonderful, to be pampered like this right now.” She later shared, “thanks so much for blessing me with an amazing foot treatment, afterward I felt more relaxed than I’ve felt in a long time. I’m ready for the next chapter of life!”

She’s the third pregnant woman this week. It must be in the air. For some the spa is an extravagant indulgence. For others, it’s a must for self-care.  Either way, it’s been busy lately as guests and locals are finding this hidden gem at the Balch Hotel. 

 And it’s getting some nice attention with some great press recently. DaySpa magazine ran an article on 4 unique spas in the Columbia River Gorge, featuring Bliss at the Balch. You can read the full Spa Hopping article on page 56

Feedback we receive reflects that you’re coming to the Balch for quiet space and reconnection with nature; moments of relaxation by yourself or loved ones, away from the busy stresses of urban life.

The spa services at the Balch dovetail here perfectly. Using natural and organic products that reflect local themes and ingredients--like a cherry mask or wheatgerm scrub in a signature facial. Treatments are designed to connect you deeply to yourself as you immerse in the beauty of your surroundings, both inside and out. And that allows rejuvenation, balance and healing.

We’ve seen the busiest multi-taskers stopped in their tracks, lightly snoring they’re so relaxed. “For a few minutes, you turned off my brain,” one executive coach quipped. (He was very pleased though.)

So while a spa treatment might seem like an indulgence, you’re actually investing in your own health and well-being. Research shows the biggest complaint people have is “stress” and the chief cause of illness is inflammation, treatments that mitigate and reduce both are highly beneficial.

While many of our challenges are environmental (lifestyle induced in the 21st century) they are controllable through rigorous attention to self-care. It’s up to us to manage our stress, by counterbalancing it with relaxing experiences that allow our mind/body/spirit system to regenerate. 

This underscores why guests have been raving about the deep healing in sessions at Bliss at the Balch. Whether it’s a facial, Gem-Reiki energy therapy, AromaTouch aromatherapy, (among others) these are not your typical “fluff and buff” resort treatments. (You can see the full treatment menu here.)

At first glance they may seem superficial, but the body/mind can only heal in a state of homeostasis and return to balance. And the feedback we’re getting reflects this. And sometimes one treatment is just not enough. These can be experienced in series, as Joanne did today. She redeemed a gift certificate and left in bliss.

For a deeper transformation, we’ve bundled the spa treatments with coaching and art therapy experiences to create Live Your Bliss: a one day private retreat package. It’s a unique 6 hour immersion that includes an intake session, ignition ritual, Soul Art therapy session, spa treatment, meditative walk, with lunch and more! See the details and how to book here.

Whether you’re local, or visiting from near or far, and looking for relaxation, reconnection and rejuvenation, don’t miss this piece of your visit. Consider gifting yourself or your beloved with a  treatment at the spa. You can see the spa service menu here. Call or text Claire ( 541.659.7284) or email to discuss your service and make an appointment.

Events: Here

Autism Compassion Africa Benefit

We’re mission-driven to support our community, and every once and a while we’re captivated and inspired in a big way. Whitney Hammel (see photo) is a young Dufur woman with a heart of gold and a mission to help children with Autism. She’s been training educators to with a specialized technique, in India and soon, in Ghana. But starting a new project in West Africa is no easy deal, so we decided to support her efforts and sponsor a benefit to raise funds for her school. Join us for food, wine, beer and live music. She’ll share about her work in India along with her upcoming project in Africa. $15 tickets available at: AutismCompassionAfrica.org/donate. Wednesday June 14 6:30-8:30

Jam with Josiah

Join us for a monthly open acoustic jam in the parlor of the Balch with proprietor Josiah Dean, and other local musicians.

Bring your favorite instrument and share tunes for everyone to play along. We’ll have extra percussion to play if you want to jump in and help keep the beat.  It’s a fun, casual, supportive environment.

Or just show up and listen as you enjoy dinner, a beer or glass of wine or dessert. FREE (other than your food and beverage purchase) Friday, June 16, 7 - 9 p.m.

Sisterhood Supper: Women’s Dinner Party

Do you crave more time out with a few girlfriends? Join us for Summer Solstice outdoors on the patio (weather permitting, indoors if inclement) and experience a new space where women connect, laugh and have inspiring conversations. Feminine energy is a powerful positive force we’re cultivating now.

Join a big table, order dinner, drink wine and savor dessert for a sweet time with new friends in sisterhood. Bring a friend or come alone. Dinner available from our local/organic Light Fare menu (plus specials), along with local wine, beer, cider, and other beverages. It’s FREE (Dinner and drinks are not included.)  Every other month: June 22 6-9pm (Arrive/leave as your schedule allows) RSVP, PLEASE! 541.467.2277

Boogie at the Balch: Summer Concert Series RETURNS

Join us and kick off our free outdoor summer concert series and welcome back our friend: singer-songwriter Chip Dennerlein and his musical buddy, Mike Vediner. 

Chip plays and records in a wide variety of styles & venues over many years. In addition to his rhythmic folk/rock/country roots, his work includes Latin rhythms, swing, jazz. He'll be joined by guitarist/vocalist Mike Vediner, whom he started playing with in Alaska in 1977. Mike is known for his large repertoire and ability to take any request from the late 60's and 70's. Join us for a picnic dinner--delicious light fare and local wines, beer and more will be available! FREE June 25 6:30-9 pm

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