New Worlds to Explore, Closer to Home
Oregon Trail Tour

Now that travel is open again, many are looking at alternative ways to explore and connect. We’ve revived some of our very popular weekend workshops and retreats.

Oregon Trail Tour – Along the Barlow Road

Looking at who’s gone before us is an incredible way to learn about ourselves in the present. Many come here enthralled with the history of our vintage inn. People wander in from the highway and start asking questions.

Humans seem wired for meaning and connection. We want to understand what came before us, to make sense of the future. And appreciate the past, an older and simpler time.

It’s important not to glamourize “the good old days.” It’s been hard to travel lately. But still easier than on a rough buckboard wagon with all your belongings. That was a harder time to travel, for sure. And past eras were good for some and worse for others.

It’s the juxtaposing of old and new worlds that brings life-changing AHA’s.  We’ve seen a lot of that in the past year and a half.

Travel like this allows us to try new things we might not have at home. We know that gathering for a weekend is big time commitment. And it’s a door to a connection inside with something greater that  brings us home to ourselves here and  now. Hopefully making you a richer, wiser person.

Explore what it was like on the Oregon Trail—without wistful sentimentality—for these exhausted emigrants. Learn more about what it was like for the native residents who welcomed them as they traveled through, or stayed. And the impact of this cross-cultural exchange on both communities.

Wendell Baskin is returning October 15-17 to share his voluminous knowledge and not-so-tall tales on the Oregon Trail Tour, Along the Barlow Road.  There will be stories galore.

After a day on the trail—enjoying wide open vistas in modern comfort—you’ll return at night to the relaxed, elegant beauty  of the Balch Hotel. If a low-difficulty guided adventure into the wild west of Wasco’s past appeals to you, join us.

Priestess Rising Retreat

Many of us are feeling called to create some big life changes but don’t really know what’s next or how to get there. Maybe it’s time for a deeper dive into the mysteries of soul. Replenish your Feminine essence at Priestess Rising Retreat in November. You’ll discover ways to balance masculine-feminine, inside and out, with simple embodiment practices and creative arts. Connect with your Divine Guidance to know and trust your next steps for work and life.

As this Summer rolls along, consider these and other Autumn options below. Whether solo, in pairs, or pods, we hope to see you soon! (We like it when you’re here.)



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