Fall into Gratitude: Well Being Tips + Winter Events
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Access the Hidden Power of Gratitude
Let’s be real: it’s been an intense year and we’re not done yet, are we? The next few months are likely to be some of the wackiest we’ve seen, ever. Just as things were rebounding from the never-ending pandemic, then (much needed) racial rebalancing, and wildfires. Really?

How are you coping? We know not everyone feels good about traveling. (For you that do: THANK YOU!)

In the face of everything, we’ve been revisiting our core intentions at the Balch. Developing this retreat for respite and rejuvenation away from the hustle & madness of life feels more relevant than ever.

To do this we’re leaning into one of our core strategies for mental/emotional replenishment: gratitude.

As a tool for happiness the practice of thankfulness has been in the mainstream for years. And it’s an unlikely but powerful perspective for us right now, as uncertainty looms. We could worry about the future, but what good would that do?

Instead we’re learning to be nimble, intuitive, compassionate, and responsive, as needs arise. A more Feminine approach.

Long-term studies support gratitude’s effectiveness, suggesting that a positive, appreciative attitude contributes to greater success in work, lowers impatience, improves sleep, boosts positive mood, reduces depression, benefits peak performance in sports and business, and a greater sense of well-being, and better health.

Gratitude gives a sense of perspective that enables positive action.
But even knowing gratitude’s many benefits, it still can be difficult to sustain. (Especially in times like these–which is why it’s so crucial, too.) Did you know that 10 minutes of gratitude boosts your immune system for 4 days?! That’s crucial right now with Corona fears.

To meet its full healing potential in our lives, Gratitude needs to be more than just a Thanksgiving exercise.

That’s why we’re practicing gratitude, as a new way of looking at things.

Remember, gratitude isn’t a blindly optimistic approach where bad things are whitewashed or ignored. Giving thanks—instead of complaining about (or wishing for) what we lack—we shift to see life as a blessing and an opportunity. Be present to the pain, heartbreak, and injustice in this world, but also focus on the gifts to rebalance. It’s a habit to redirect attention.

There are so many things to be grateful for: colorful autumn leaves, furnace heat, hot water, legs that work, friends who really listen, chocolate, warm jackets, ripe tomatoes, the ability to read, sunshine, butterflies…

What’s on your list? (Let yourself think of 5 now.)

Some Ways to Practice Gratitude
Keep a gratitude journal to note things you are thankful for. Make daily, weekly, or monthly lists. Keep that journal or list where you can see helps build this skill.
Make a gratitude collage. Vision Mapping draws more of the same to you.
Share gratitude about moments in your day around the dinner table or as part of your bedtime ritual.
Make a game of finding the hidden blessings in a challenging situation. Instead of complaining, state a gratitude instead.
With practice, an inner shift begins to occur, and you may discover how much better you feel. After a few weeks, make note how gratitude is impacting your life. That sense of fulfillment & hope is gratitude at work.

Among our long list of what we’re grateful for:

Caring and hardworking team that makes being here fun: Debra, Ticia, Tonia, Tari, Liz, Gunner, Mackenzie, & Dallas.
Remarkable guests: You arrive as strangers and leave (and return) as friends. <3 A gorgeous historic building, lovely gardens, fields, flowers, and birds. And the view! Spacious, clean, rural life with friendly neighbors from all walks of life. Vitality, love, health, abundance, in an unlikely balancing of partnership. To celebrate our gratitude we’d like to offer you a Holiday Special: Buy 2 nights, get 3rd night FREE. Make a long weekend of Thanksgiving or any other this holiday season. (Not valid with other offers, coupons, or specials.) 2020 is happening for us, not to us. Let’s celebrate all the blessings as we manage through whatever life brings us. Our upcoming experiences and events might tickle your fancy. (And right now, I think our fancies need a lot of tickling.) Enjoy this holiday season in a Clean, Open, Airy space--away from the maddening crowds. Check out our upcoming Events, Tours and Workshops online. Travel well. Remember, the magic is closer than you think! Claire & Josiah, co-owners, Balch Hotel P.S. Just when we get things dialed in, the season changes! Due to seasonal shift in occupancy, dining service is limited—call ahead and we’re happy to accommodate you. Walk-in service is not guaranteed! P.S.S. Dog Parents: Good news! If you have a furry traveling companion, you might be pleased to know… you can stay in our 2 pet friendly rooms! Experience the ease, grace, and casual elegant relaxation of the Balch with your 4-legged family member! But you must reserve in advance (please don’t just show up with Fido without our notice. ☹) We’ve chosen 2 rooms with limited common area access, yet ample ease to exit outdoors (with firm guidelines to protect those with allergies). Call to book limited room options. (Not available on-line.)

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