Express a Deeper Calling in 2019
Express a Deeper Calling in 2019, Historic Balch Hotel


New Year’s Blessings!
Here we are, in that sweet gap of the New Year. How’s it feeling so far? Its been a fruitful time as we catch our breath and work on projects waiting until now.
We toss around ideas and create new packages and tours for you to enjoy. Upgrade the menu, adding your suggestions. It’s also a time we start to catch up on the looong list of upgrades and improvements that Josiah generates. Those things you see and don’t mention (or DO mention–thanks!) that we know need attention.

You might’ve already heard something BIG: the Balch ranked #10 in Oregon’s top 100 Fan-Favorite Travel Destinations. That’s based on Google, Trip Advisor and Yelp reviews. So that’s you! Thanks! (And yes, keep ‘em coming!!)
Many of you have taken us up on our outlandish Buy One Get One Thank You Lodging Special. That’s good until the end of January

Take a moment to ponder & reflect:
In this quiet inside time, we can’t help but reflect on the year just passed and peer into the one ahead.

What do you feel proud of? Where were your wins?

What surprised and delighted you?

What challenges did you navigate?

And where does your heart still long for clarity or resolution?

What’s your intention or theme for 2019?

(We find intentions work so much better than resolutions!)

To support your intentions to express a deeper calling, Claire is re-opening her Art Therapy practice, in the spa studio at the Balch Hotel. We’ve upgraded the spa menu with some exciting new are mini-retreats packages that focus on themes you sometimes struggle with.

How’s your sleep?

Mostly you rave about the night’s rest you get here. But for some that’s a real issue.

What if you had a spa session to help you relax before heading off to bed?

After you spa treatment, plug in a short meditation and rub on your custom-blended essential oil designed to help you relax and fall into dreamland. If waking in the middle of the night is your thing: cue up that meditation and inhale your essential oil and drift off back to sleep again. Feel refreshed and relieved the next day.

You’ll get a Sleep Hygiene Guide—evidence based suggestions for getting better sleep. You’ll also receive a custom blend Essential Oil for sleep, (with ideas on how to use it.) And a downloadable meditation to use that night. (And all these you get to take with you.)

For more details or to sign up for Deep Rest – Overcome insomnia, go here.

And if you’re looking to shift old patterns and live a bigger, fuller, juicier life—but can’t make it here for weekly sessions, come to Bliss at the Balch for a day retreat: Embody Your Calling. Claire’s excited to share her 22+ years of clinical expertise with millennial to midlife women who are ready for a change.

Looking to Beat the Winter Blues?
Traveling to sunny places is a great antidote for cabin fever or seasonal blues that sometimes arrive in the wake of holiday cheer. And while we can’t boast 80 degree temps, its sunny more days than not.

Roads are clear…we’ve had a few dustings of snow, but nothing to keep you from traveling here. And the light is clear and bright. Sparkly with all the holiday lights. Cozy in the parlor with books, puzzles and mugs of tea.

We’re still offering 3 For 2 Special. Reserve rooms early directly with us. Use coupon code “FALL”. Create a mini retreat for yourself (and a beloved? Your call!) Use the time to write, draw, paint, read, snowshoe, hike, knit…the choices are endless. Reflect on where you’ve been and what’s next.

Interested in merry music making? Jam Nights with Josiah are back. Next one: Friday, January 4!

And Bellingham Balladeer Robert Sarazin Blake will be back January 19. He’s amazing… There is always a moment where the room pulls together and the space between the singer, the song, and the listener disappears. Pure magic. We’re even offering a Steak Dinner Special ($30) that night to entice you! Make reservations

And Winter Wonder [+Wine] is almost full. If you’re interested in watching eagles on return to the Gorge, visiting a Stonehenge replica and other quirky sites, tasting wine and enjoy a fab dinner with new co-hearts, join us! Here are the details.

Whatever you’re intending for 2019, bright blessings from us at the Balch,

Claire & Josiah for Team Balch

P.S. If it’s time to deal with a challenge area (think: insomnia, depression or anxiety relief!) or clarity about your life direction, we have Bliss Breakthrough Private Wellness Packages that combine spa treatments with valuable goodies that help.

These packages allow deep shifts to penetrate more gently and effectively. It’s a real gift to yourself or someone you love. (hint: gift certificates!) Add to your overnight visit or day trip to the Balch. Combine and create a full multi-day self-guided retreat!

It’s truly nurturing deliciousness for your weary soul.

Express a Deeper Calling in 2019, Historic Balch Hotel
Express a Deeper Calling in 2019, Historic Balch Hotel
Express a Deeper Calling in 2019, Historic Balch Hotel
Express a Deeper Calling in 2019, Historic Balch Hotel

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Express a Deeper Calling in 2019, Historic Balch Hotel

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