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Primp My Bride

Congratulations to the 2011 Sweepstakes Winners, Alison and Matt!
This year’s Primp My Bride Sweepstakes is now closed. Thanks to all who entered. Look for us next year.
Just “Like Us” on Facebook to be entered to Win!

The Historic Balch Hotel wants to help one lucky bride have the wedding of her dreams!

  • One way to enter the Primp My Bride Sweepstakes is to simply Like Us on Facebook.
  • Primp My Bride Sweepstakes winner will receive 50% off cost of any wedding package at the Balch Hotel. The winning bride may ALSO choose 50% off participating vendors that include flowers, invitations, make up, wedding planner, photography and more!
  • Watch our Facebook page for other opportunities to win two nights free lodging at the Historic Balch Hotel and prizes from our Columbia Gorge wedding vendors.
  • Download the Balch Hotel Wedding Guide and see the possibilities!

Check Out Our Participating Vendors

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Rules and Stuff!
Participants in the Sweepstakes must agree to all the terms below:

  • Winner of Sweepstakes will receive 50% off ANY wedding package at the Balch Hotel for their wedding that is to be held at the Balch Hotel in 2012
  • All contract terms apply
  • Participants must agree to terms outlined to be considered in Sweepstakes
  • Vendor and Venue are based on date availability
  • All Sweepstakes Vendors are offering 50% off services unless otherwise specified
  • If Sweepstakes winner wants to utilize the vendor discount, s/he must choose one of the participating Vendors
  • Sweepstakes winner is not obligated to book Vendors that are participating in Sweepstakes
  • Pricing and payments to Vendors must be arranged directly with the Vendor; all terms, contract, and payments for individual Vendors apply
  • All contracts by bride, bridal party, or their associates will have separate, independent, binding contracts with Vendors
  • Balch Hotel is not responsible for contracts between Vendor and winner
  • If a photographer not affiliated with Sweepstakes is preferred, written permission must be granted from the Balch Hotel
  • Sweepstakes winner will be chosen solely by Balch Hotel
  • All photos, stories, etc. associated with Sweepstakes may be used by Balch Hotel
  • Sweepstakes winner will be chosen on or before December 20th, 2011!