Balch Hotel
40 South Heimrich Street
Dufur, OR, 97021, USA
(541) 467-2277

Wedding, Event & Retreat Planning

  • chess at the balch

At the Balch we've helped host many retreats: Writers Workshops, Car Clubs, Cycling Groups, Women's Retreats, Yoga Workshops, Poetry Retreats, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Motorcycle Groups, and Reunions. "We really enjoyed our stay. Thank you for your hospitality! This was a GREAT place for a cribbage tournament." - The Walls

Sunshine Year Round for your Group Retreat

  • Mt. Hood Cycling Classic

The weather here on the sunny side of the Columbia River Gorge lends iteself well to many outdoor activities. Take your group wine tasting, rafting, wildflower or bird viewing, hiking, fishing, or museum hopping. Experiencing the Gorge together is sure to be a hit. Pop on over to the Location page to see more activities that might strike your fancy.

Central Oregon Hotel Gem

  • Nelson House

"I luckily stumbled upon this hotel at the last minute when looking for a place to stay during my Eastern Oregon Ghost Town Trip. such a lucky find! So hospitable and friendly; it's made me want to come back for a longer vacation! Thanks so much for having me! Lots of love." ~ Leanne

Join the fun on our Ghost Town tour with author and speaker Keith May. It's quite fantastic.

Retreats are limited only by our imagination!