Balch Hotel
40 South Heimrich Street
Dufur, OR, 97021, USA
(541) 467-2277

Enjoy a fabulous dinner at the Balch!

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Indian Spring April 12th, 2014

  • Asparagus, green bean, almond salad with gold raisins and curry leaf dressing
  • Beef and potato vindaloo
  • Peanut-stuffed anaheim peppers & basmati rice
  • Cardamom cheesecake with cashew crust & fresh mango sauce
  • Naan bread served with dinner
  • Balch coffee with dessert
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Wonderful menu from chef Jamie Snell of the Lamb's Table Catering. Thank you Jamie for such a delicious event each month!

*Gluten free. Vegetarian option available.

29- p.p.

Complimentary wine tasting prior to dinner

Call to get your group reservations for the evening! 541-467-2277