Balch Hotel
40 South Heimrich Street
Dufur, OR, 97021, USA
(541) 467-2277

Art in the Columbia River Gorge

Enjoy Central Oregon Artist Lynn Miller's Paintings

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Lynn Miller's art graces the halls of the Balch Hotel. This renowned artist, author, and writer has works that you'll want to view and purchase.

Lynn Miller is the publisher of the Small Farmer’s Journal, numerous books including both short stories and poetry, a renowned artist, and farmer. He is a modern day Renaissance Man donning cowboy boots and living on a remote Oregon ranch.

Artist Rap Sheet

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Lynn R. Miller: Born 1947 Kansas City, graduate of San Francisco Art Institute 1970 BFA, post graduate University of Oregon MFA 1971. Oils, Watercolor, Egg Tempera, Charcoal, Ink, Dry point etching. Works in private and public collections across the US and Europe. Long list of exhibitions and awards.

Despite his amazing accomplishments, talents, and skills, he is an all around humble and generous man! We're blessed to know him.