Balch Hotel
40 South Heimrich Street
Dufur, OR, 97021, USA
(541) 467-2277

Gorge Wedding DIY

Gorge Bride is a DIY Maven!

  • Gabe & Kathleen

One of our May couples, Gabe and Kathleen, had great fun putting their stamp of individuality on their special day. Our Balch Hotel artist created this sign board - taking inspiration from their invitation.

  • Repurposed Stand

They found this gem of a stand at an antique store and created a beautiful display full of hand created and homemade goodies.

  • Rake Gift Holder

I LOVE this idea! They used a rake (no longer has it's handle) as a shelf for display of their gifts for guests! These gifts are honey jars. Gabe said it was quite a messy but fun endeavour.

  • Repurposed Door

GREAT reuse for a door! I have a love affair with doors and this is a fantastic idea using chalk board paint.

Another great use for a door would be to make it into the guest book and have them sign and write notes for you.

  • Repurposed Book into Flower

These flowers they purchased at a reuse store. Old books or even music sheets are remade into these beautiful flowers!

  • Tribute

Take a look at all the beautiful details in this tribute to those loved ones who were not here to celebrate at the wedding. They used chicken wire, baby clothes pins, and beautiful eclectic bowls for planters.

  • Guest Book Records

This is a super fun way to use these old records! Kathleen and Gabe will be decorating their digs with fun messages from their guests.

I recommend hanging your photos on the wall with the well wishes from your guests. Great reminders of your special day.