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How To Guide

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How To Guide:
How to spend the day when there is scheduled PUD work and you won’t have electricity for many hours. (-:

First order of business:

Remove the watch.

Next – prepare the hair.

Now I am ready to ride!

The weather was gorgeous! We took off from Dufur and headed South on 197 taking the road to White River Falls, winding up Bake Oven road then heading east toward Shaniko. Yes, those are my feet poking off the porch. I’m a lizard baking in the sun. This nap thing seemed to be a theme for the trip.

We left Shaniko and headed East to Clarno. Everytime we drive this direction I am amazed at how beautiful it is. One day we’ll take the hike into these rocks. It’s a great picnic stop!

We left Clarno and wound our way to Madras for a quick stop at Sonic for some fries and a shake. Yes, I know, breakfast of champions, right? The weather was a balmy 77° as you can hopefully see by the temperature photo.

This gorgeous scenery graced our ride back home to Dufur. A wonderful day spent playing hookie. MANY thanks to our local PUD for the opportunity!

Looking forward to next time. The weather is great for riding and hanging out with my best friend! Call us to stay and play too. Bring your sweetie! 541-467-2277

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October Supper Club!

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It’s back!! Ahhh, a sigh of relief. We are SO looking forward to it. There are two seatings: 5:30 and 7:45. Call to reserve your place today! 541-467-2277

October 27th, 2012
The British Spy Inspired by England and the late summer vegetable harvest. Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the national dishes of England.
• Pole bean, tomato and baby green salad with nigella seed vinaigrette and ‘Sharpham Rustic’ raw cow’s milk cheese from England

• Grilled chicken tikka masala, in punjabi masala cream sauce with peach chutney and cilantro chutney, basmati rice, & naan bread

• Ginger pumpkin cheesecake with caramel and pumpkin seed crust

29- p.p. + gratutity

We’ll highlight two local wines for tasting prior to dinner. These two selections may be purchased by the bottle or the glass. Our other local wine is available to purchase by the bottle. We also carry Full Sail and Rogue beer if you prefer. Corkage fee for B.Y.O.B. is $10
See you next week!

New Experiences!

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We didn’t know if it would be a problem having bees on the roof so called a local beekeeper to come and inspect. I got to go onto the roof with him and put on the ‘suit’. My oh my that suit gives a person confidence! I was able to look down the old chimney opening and see the hive and honey making happening. I wasn’t afraid of getting stung at all! They’re mild honeybees with their primary objective being gathering of the honey.

While the beekeeper didn’t think that they would last the cold winters here in Dufur, they have been gracing our roof now for two plus years. Now every Spring I look for them and actually think of them as part of the Balch. It’s been a fun new experience for me!

Having the hotel has opened up SO many doors! Never would I imagine I’d get to don a beekeeper outfit then look at and learn a little about honeybees.

A few years ago our landscaper’s son spotted a dark mass of insects in the sky and they seemed to land atop our hotel. We kept and eye out and sure enough, there were bees making their home up on the roof.

Columbia Gorge Wedding Favorites

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While we are certainly not done with weddings in 2012, but I couldn’t resist posting some photographs of unique ideas to share. We’ve gotten a couple of new albums on the web with photos from this year’s weddings in our beautiful and sunny nook of the Columbia Gorge so you can check out the entire body in the Gallery.

Every couple is SO unique. I just love it. People seem to becoming more and more inspired and creative. Here are a couple of quick clips of things that have struck me this year as being super fabulous.

Who doesn’t love green accoutrement’s?

Eric and Tess’s wedding had a beautifully styled bouquet and boutonniere.

And of course who does not love to be appreciated? Hand made from burlap I believe. Very nice!

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You cannot go wrong with the timeless elegance of black and white.

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This photo of Britt spans generations and completely immortalizes her timeless beauty.

There is such grace and timelessness in a good black and white photograph.

I also love how couples are personalizing their event and incorporating everyday vintage pieces in decor.

A fun idea for favors!

This kissing photo might be one of my favorites. A story just begs to be told here. I’m wondering about this quilt. Maybe Britt made it as a gift? Was it given to them? Who knows, maybe Craig is handy with a needle and thread!

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Core Beliefs

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Everyone I meet has something about them I’d find interesting. I just have to be a good listener, a question asker, a moment taker.

I was having lunch with a newly acquired (and interesting I might add!) friend last week and, since we’re both business women, our conversation turned to what is natural to both of us, business.

We were brainstorming the social media part of our business and personal lives, mashing out what seems to work, how to connect with our audience/customers while still keeping some semblance of yourself private, how to provide meaningful and interesting information (that people WANT and DO read!), how often to write/blog/pin/POST, . . . . YIKES!! It was nice to have one another to grab us from drowning in a sea of “need to do’s” and get focused on moving forward.

She helped me, I helped her. My first task, given to me by Stephanie Hartman (a saavy woman with two businesses: Catalyst Performance Consulting and Adornments of HR), was to blog about a statement I made. It’s the one at the top of this post. I thought everyone believes and thinks this is a true statement. She stopped me and said it’s not the case. She found my core belief to be rather unique. I’d be interested to see if others feel the same. Call me Pollyanna but everyone should have this attitude.

I honestly do believe that every person I meet has something about them that I would find interesting. I believe that part of our job in hospitality is to find that thing. My staff should have the same attitude and be actively searching for it in their interactions with guests. The key is asking questions. Listening. Thinking.

Maybe it’s selfish? I do like to listen to things I’m interested in rather than talk about myself. I enjoy steering the conversation to topics about items I want to learn about. If I hadn’t listened and asked questions think of all the opportunities I’d have missed. I would not have known that Beth Harrington, a guest of ours, is a filmmaker and, at the time we met, on her way to John Day to show the first screening to townsfolk of her film Kam Wa Chung, for OPB. Beth and I would not have hit it off and become fast friends. Who would I have had help me fake a fish net stocking line seam with eyeliner for my 40th vintage birthday bash? Jeff and I would not have met Pete, her brother in law, the man who graced the Balch and blessed our students and guests with a chocolate making class. Jeff and I would not have gotten to meet Andy, Beth’s husband, my first known real live Vulcanologist. That’s a fascinating in and of itself! Doubtful I would have known about her Kickstarter campain for The Winding Stream, her passionate film about the Carter & Cash family. I would not have gotten to meet Roseanne and Tara Cash at a reception, or have been able to send some swag to that great young sales girl at Ann Taylor Loft who is nuts about Johnny Cash music (and at such a young age!). These aren’t even all the experiences I’ve had, things I’ve learned, or places/people I’ve gotten to meet and see as a result of one conversation.

That’s just ONE of our guests from the hotel. I think I could fill a library with pages of interesting stories if I expounded on guests, vendors, industry professionals, and friends I’ve met over my years. My life is so much richer, fuller, more interesting, and full of possibilities for learning and experiencing.

One of my most favorite things about the Balch is that I see our guests making connections over wine in the evening or breakfast in the morning. While it’s very fun for me to learn about people, it’s equally fun to watch guests connecting, learning about, and learning with one another.

Enjoy taking the time to learn something about someone today. I bet you’ll find something interesting. . .

July 21st Picnic on the Patio!

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Saturday, July 21st
Patio Dinner!
Join the fun as we welcome guest chef Kat Phipps to the Balch for some fun fixin’s!

Chicken Salad with basil, lemon & garlic aioli, served with sliced buns
Orzo Pasta Salad with Spinach, Olives, Toasted Walnuts, Cherry Tomatoes & a Basil Vinaigrette
Crostini with heirloom tomatoes & basil
Roasted Vegetables
Individual Berry Crisps (blueberries, marionberries, raspberries & tayberries), with vanilla ice cream

Beer and wine for purchase

While Supplies Last. (-:
We’d love a head count so let us know if you plan on coming. It is going to be lovely! Sign up in advance and receive a complimentary Full Sail brew.

This Weekends Special

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On the 16th of this month Jeff and I will be celebrating 12 years together!! To celebrate we’re using it as an excuse to pass along some of our love to you.

We’re open Friday July 13th, Saturday the 14th, and Sunday the 15th. Just say Anniversary Special and you’ll receive 12% off your stay (12 years marriage, 12% off. . . get it?).

ALSO check out this special dinner Saturday for the History Museum! Our very own Frank will be manning the grill and we’ve donated 75 homemade chocolate chip cookies to top the ice cream for dessert.

If you read the above blog you’ll see that if you go to the museum dinner we’ll take 10% off your room. Add that to the Anniversary Special and that’s 22%. Man what a deal.

It’s quiet this weekend in Dufur so take advantage of the hammock, patio, and specials. Now that we have beer and wine you can crack open a cold beer and enjoy the patio while we bring you some cookies and fan you with ostrich feathers. Ok, nix the ostrich feather fanning but the rest we would be happy to do!

Call us right away! 541-467-2277

History Museum BBQ!

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Join us this Saturday, July 14th on the Living History Museum Grounds for a BBQ fundraiser!

The museum has received a matching funds grant through the Hal and Hilary Miller’s family estate and has been a blessing. The BBQ will contribute to the matching funds grant.

Our very own Frank will be manning the BBQ. You can give him some flack and test his “Skills on the Grills”. These prices can’t be beat.

Burger Plate: Beans salad, chips, ice cream, cookies and a drink $7.00. Yes, only $7.00. That’s crazy man!

Hotdog Plate: Ditto above but it is a dog not a burger $5.00.

You can even a-la-carte it if you like but why bother. Everyone should support your local bovine and partake in some ice cream and cookies.

Stay at the Balch Saturday night and attend the BBQ and we’ll knock 10% off your overnight just because we want you to come and support our amazing museum! Besides, don’t you deserve a night away?

Call us at 541-467-2277

June 9th Supper Club

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Supper Club Menu!
We’ll highlight two local wines for complimentary tasting prior to dinner in the parlor. These two selections may be purchased by the bottle or the glass. Our other local wine is available to purchase by the bottle. We are excited to suport our local wineries! Jamie has put together another fabulous menu. However, we don’t have a title! Suggestions?

Arugula, watermelon and feta salad with shallot vinaigrette
Fresh pasta noodles with lamb, asparagus and pecorino cheese
Apricot cake soaked with amaretto and topped with white chocolate cream
Bread with dinner
29 +gratuity

Give us a call! Space is almost gone. . . . 541-467-2277

Supper Club May 26th!

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Supper club menu for Saturday May 26th, 2012. One seating this month at 6:00 so call rightaway to save your spot! 541-467-2277

‘Rainbows in May’
May 26th, 2012
Saffron risotto with roasted red peppers and goat cheese

Roasted chicken breast with preserved lemon and rosemary, scalloped blue potatoes and asparagus

Strawberry, blueberry and rhubarb pie with fresh whipped cream.

Iced tea with dinner, coffee with dessert, bread and butter with dinner