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Ghost Town Tour! April 27-29

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Ghost towns draw visitors by what they were and by what remains of them today.
They are the eerie, silent reminders of the passage of time. Join author and speaker Keith May for a weekend exploring and learning about these fun ghost towns!

April 27th- Evening Reception with Keith May, lecture with a power point presentation, book signing, complimentary hors d’oeuvres, local wines for purchase.

April 28th- Join the active history study in the tour bus or follow the caravan in your own jalopy. Stops at Boyd, Friend, White River Falls, Sherars Bridge, Shaniko, and Antelope. Lunch stop along the way! Return to the Balch in the evening.

April 29th- Breakfast at the Balch, follow up questions, book signing, and time with Keith!

Help your local Historical Society while experiencing a unique and super fun tour.
The Balch will make a donation to your history museum for every member that joins us on Keith’s tour! We’re partnering with the Oregon Historical Society, Dufur Historical Society, Troutdale Historical Society. If you have another favorite museum for your donation let us know!

Weekend Tour $40.00
Be chauffeured! Save gas. Relax. $35.00
Rooms from $90-163.00 (second night discount) including breakfast.
Call to reserve your spot today! 541-467-2277

During Friday evening’s presentation you will learn the factors for the development and decline and what remains for you to discover about Northwest History, railroad magnates, homesteaders, sheepherders, cult gurus and cattle barons.

Mother of all Blog Posts

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Maryhill Museum Dedication Schedule
Plus a bonus at the end from us.

May 12th, Saturday
10 a.m.– 5 p.m. Plein air art
Become a landscape artist, drawing our breathtaking view of the Columbia River with watercolor pencils (all materials provided).

10 a.m.– 4 p.m. Sam Hill Rendezvous
A car show featuring autos from the era of the original dedication, including a rare 1923 Locomobile! Interested in exhibiting your antique automobile? Visit

10 a.m.– 5 p.m. Photo Op!
Take your picture with life-size photos of Maryhill’s four founders, Sam Hill, Queen Marie, dancer Loïe Fuller, and sugar heiress Alma Spreckles. Your chance to pose with history!

10 a.m.– 5 p.m. Special Dedication Exhibit
Items from the Founders and the 1926 Dedication will be on display, and photographs from the construction of the historic building and the 1926

10 a.m.– 11 a.m. History of the Columbia River Highway
Oregon Department of Transportation Historian, Bob Hadlow, will tell the history of the Columbia River Highway, Sam Hill’s great love.

11 a.m.– Noon Artists’ Walk in the Sculpture Garden
Our featured sculptors will lead us on a tour through the Garden, stopping to talk about their pieces as we go.

Noon Fly-by
Antique planes from the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum (WAAAM), including the only flying 1928 Boeing 40C, will cruise up the Columbia and over Maryhill, taking the day to new heights!

1 p.m.– 2 p.m. The Historic Maryhill Loops Road Driving Tour
Vintage cars from our Sam Hill Rendezvous will cruise up and down the historic Maryhill Loops Road, Sam’s own snakelike creation, the first asphalt road in Washington.

2 p.m.– 4 p.m. The Historic Maryhill Loops Road
Open to the public for driving.

6 to 9 p.m. – Soiree!!
Celebrating in style! A jazz band, dancing, speakeasy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and much fêting of those who made the construction of the new wing possible will make this a celebration to be remembered! Tickets: $40 members/$45 non-members (RSVP required).

Sunday, May 13th
10 a.m.– 4 p.m. Plein air art

10 a.m.– 4 p.m. Photo op time!

2 p.m.– 2:20 p.m. Dedication Ceremony

10 a.m.– 5 p.m. Special Dedication Exhibit

12:30 p.m.–1:15 p.m. The Light and Life of Loïe Fuller

1:30 p.m.–1:50 p.m.Loïe Fuller’s La Mer Performance
If you’re still reading you get a gold star!! I’ve (Samantha) been to a Fuller dance that was held on the grounds. It’s a sight to be seen. Breathtaking.

We’re not only matching The Dalles hotels special (they shall remain nameless) of 20% off your stay for the weekend when you attend Maryhill’s festivities, we’ll have warm chocolate chip cookies and feed you a scrumptious breakfast each morning. Always stay at the Balch because we want you more! Relax. Reconnect. Rejuvenate. 541-467-2277

I Consider Myself a Recycling Nerd of Sorts

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Rural America. It’s beautiful, open, has a touch of the wild, and attracts those independent types. That might be one of the reasons we’ve landed here in Dufur Oregon, restoring and operating a piece of history – the Historic Balch Hotel. We did trade in things people in the city take for granted like curbside recycling, composting options, and a grocery that is open past 7 p.m. Now we borrow from our neighbors, keep a tab at the grocery (just receive the monthly bill!), and don’t have to lock our doors. Not such a bad swap. What we’ve lost in convenience we’ve gained in opportunity to be resourceful!

So how does our business integrate sustainability in a small town where curbside recycling is not in the community vernacular and instead burn barrels are commonplace?

In the beginning educating staff on recycling that paper, or putting kitchen waste into the compost bin was a struggle. Changing habit can be slow. However, now four years into the future, I’m not the only one picking the can or paper cup out of the garbage. I feel an odd sense of motherly pride when I see some staff fishing something out of the garbage can. Am I normal? Have I created fanatics? Let’s hope so!

When we opened our doors in 2007 it took a great deal of effort to teach our team how to recycle. For many reasons, mainly education and convenience, it’s not done a heck of a lot in rural spaces. We were making strides but I wanted a visual to show staff exactly the impact that they were making. So, in 2010 we loosely began to keep track of our recycling and composting efforts. I think staff might have thought me slightly off my rocker but now I’m convinced they see a method to my madness. We created a fancy Tally System (a paper and pen taped to the kitchen wall).

Of course we kept track of the regular recycle items like paper, tin, glass etc. but also include food and yard debris. We coordinate trips to The Dalles recycling to take in our contribution and one of our staff members who lives off the grid (future blog post!) takes all the yard and kitchen waste to make some killer compost for themselves.

In 2010 our Balch Hotel staff saved over 38 dumpsters from being added to the landfill! That equates to $1216 in money we didn’t have to spend on garbage fees. It adds up! In 2011 we upped our ante to 65 dumpsters, thereby saving $2080. Rest assured our recordkeeping is improving year to year and as our business grows it’s become a challenge to see how much better we can do. We even expanded our horizons and posted one of our housekeeping recycling challenges on EcoApprentice! It is titled “No Soap on a Rope”. Our staff is thinking differently now. That is good!

There is still no curbside recycling. We still do not need to lock our doors. Dufur is a special community where there are many things I would like to keep the same. Sometimes though, changes are needed. These changes are for the betterment of the community, and future generations.

I’m very proud of our team. When I hear of them taking these practices into their homes I know it’s reaching the next generation – as it should.

Photography Workshop with John Clement May 2012

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Join John Clement Master Photographer at the Historic Balch Hotel in Dufur Oregon, with a spectacular view of Mt. Hood just off the beautiful scenic Columbia Gorge. Focus will be on landscape photography, with some abstract thrown in. The valleys of this region are filled with old historic buildings, wonderful blooms of spring flowers, old graveyards.

We will venture into the Columbia Gorge to capture grand vistas and intimate floral settings of the gorge. This workshop is for amateur and professionals who want to expand their personal body of work, sharpen their knowledge of understanding and anticipating weather and how it can improve the quality of images. We will be working on how to see color, line, textures, patterns and the wonderful shapes of nature. When you understand the elements of a photograph and how they work together you can create powerful emotional imagery. John will share his knowledge of self publishing and marketing in very unique ways that have allowed him to do what he loves for 35 years! Dates in the works: May 8-11 and/or 15-18th.
Class size limited to 10 people.

Seminar would start late Monday afternoon with wine tasting and social gathering at the Historic Balch Hotel. We will rise early for morning shoots, return to the hotel for breakfast around 9:30. After breakfast, classroom time 11-1pm which we will go into lighting, weather patterns, and portfolio images from attendees. Afternoon and evening shoots will be determined by the weather. All transportation during the seminar will be provided!

Pricing: 4 nights 3.5 days includes wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres, regular room queen bed, breakfast, cookies, tea, hot chocolate, instruction, transportation during the seminar, and making amazing photographs!
Lunch & dinner on your own. $975.00

Contact: or the hotel at 541-467-2277 for reservations. Only Five spots remaining!

Supper Club April 21st 3 Year Anniversary!

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This April will be our 3 year anniversary for Supper Club!

We’ve had SUCH fun each month with our fantastic guests and wonderful food from the Lamb’s Table. There is so much to celebrate. We also are “official” as we have our OLCC license for beer and wine! Each month we’ll highlight some local wines that compliment Jamie’s menu.

We’re revisiting where it all began with a nod to Brazil and it’s warm tropical weather. . .

Our April Supper Club features the fresh, tropical tastes of Brazil. Consider it a little vacation from the cold Oregon spring weather!

Hearts of Palm, Avocado, Red Onion and Orange Salad with citrus habanero vinaigrette (very mild)

Brazilian Fish Stew with cod and shrimp in a coconut milk broth with tomatoes, mild peppers, onions, cilantro and served with fresh garlic focaccia bread

For Dessert! Dulce De Leche cake with caramel topping and strawberries to finish the night off with a sweet surrender

29- +gratuity
Complimentary wine tasting!

No vegetarian substitutions on this one but if you’re dairy/gluten free let us know in advance and we can have an alternate dessert for you.

Wine Weekend! April 13-15th

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Enjoy Columbia Gorge Winegrowers Passport weekend! Kick off the week with a tasting at the Melody Ballroom on April 9th.

Reserve your room stay for the weekend of April 13th and 14th by Saturday, April 7th and we’ll have a special treat for you.

Friday night come straight from work, no need to grab dinner on the way! You’ll enjoy a special gift from us. We’ll include your Passport that includes specials all around the gorge. You’ll receive a local red or white wine (your choice), and a mini picnic dinner with some lovely treats! (Our $45 gift for you as a thank you for booking ahead.) Maybe your sweetheart will take you away for the weekend or quite possibly you and your best girlfriend need to escape. Mom weekend anyone?

Saturday breakfast at the Balch gets you started for some great touring specials. Wineries all over the gorge will be pulling out the stops. It’s a fun weekend you’ll not want to miss. Call for your reservations today. Remember, reserve by April 7th for your special treat!


Artist Denise Vance

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Draw! Paint! Draw! This is my system for growth in my work.

There will always be a reason not to gather yourself together in creativity to do your work. Your desire must outweigh everything else that tries to pull you away.

My work has been consistently with watercolor, influenced by the work of others in experimenting with techniques but ultimately doing what suits me. Watercolor is a most exciting media, with challenges around every corner and within every brush stroke. There are many wonderful areas of putting your creativity on palettes but watercolor I have found is the most playful and fun and rewarding way for me.

The ultimate artist and inspiration for my work is the Lord God. He brings ideas to me and urges me onward to the wonderful realm of all His creation and encourages me as no one can. There is nothing in this beautiful Gorge area that does not lend to His majestic handiwork. I just attempt to put it on paper, with His help.

The only training I have had was a season of drawing at the Idaho College in Lewiston, Idaho. It was a great learning tool and an arrow that pointed toward this desire that was already within me. I am primarily self taught but my father Marion Patterson has written indelible tools of learning in my mind and is a mentor to me in the finest sense of the word. He has instilled many, important procedures, and techniques in my learning experience. Other influences and training has been with Eric Wiegardt who has greatly influenced my technique and style, and Lian Zhen. They helped direct me towards loose and splashy application.

My work is currently being shown here at the Balch Hotel in Dufur Oregon and the Columbia Art Gallery in Hood River Oregon. My work is shown regularly at The Dalles Art Center in The Dalles, Oregon. I am presently a member of Columbia Art Gallery and Southwest Washington Watercolor Society.

Come to the Balch and visit my work!

~Denise Vance

Supper Club March 24th

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Thai One On!
Jamie’s created a menu honoring not one, but two of our favorite local boys! Join us for Supper Club to find out who’s celebrating their birthdays.

Thai pork spare riblets and shrimp rice paper rolls with thai chile-herb dipping sauce and peanut sauce
Coconut chicken curry with vegetables, jasmine rice
Vanilla bean panna cotta with mango sauce and coconut crisps
Passionfruit iced tea with dinner, coffee with dessert
*Vegetarian substitution upon request will be tofu spring rolls for appetizer and tofu coconut curry for main.

29- plus gratuity

Call for reservations. It’s going to be fun!

Get Your Write On. Right on!


Join us for the second annual Creative Renewal Weekend at the Historic Balch Hotel
March 16-18

This energizing weekend is open to all writers of all levels and promises to lift your creative spirit and fire your imaginative juices over two days and two nights of writing. Led by Attic Institute president David Biespiel and based on his approach to writing from his book Every Writer Has a Thousand Faces, now in its 3rd printing, our Creative Renewal Weekend will help you refocus on your writing process with deep attention to new strategies.

Renew your writing commitment!
Reward yourself with lively conversation, great meals, and designated time to think and write in spectacular Wasco County, Oregon.
Re-emerge from the experience with new energy for your creative life.

In addition to writing and talks about craft and inspiration, enjoy the elegance of the Balch Hotel, the newly restored 1907 historic hotel. And, Saturday night, get treated to a special dinner by the Balch’s fabulous Supper Club chef Jamie Snell, owner of the Lamb’s Table.

Praise for the 2011 Creative Renewal Weekend

“The weekend gave me time to reflect, to connect, to learn and to practice new skills.”

“As my first ever event like this I encourage anyone interested in writing to make it a priority to invest in this experience. The Creative Renewal Weekend delivered exactly what those words mean!”

“I am free! I know I will write a novel as well as I know my name.”

“Going to the Creative Renewal Weekend was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I now feel much more confident, inspired and, indeed, renewed. I have found my passion and joy once again.”

Total Fee: $165 includes a signed copy of “Every Writer Has a Thousand Faces” | Traditional Room 90-. 20% discount for second night stay. Hors d’oeuvres and wine Friday night. Saturday lunch $15. Saturday night dinner $32.

Call the hotel for room reservations 541-467-2277.

Register on line for the class here. Only 8 spaces remaining. Call and register today!

Hot Color for Summer Weddings

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I love this post from Stephanie Blackford the Marketing Director at Epicurean Culinary Group. Why? Because orange might just be one of my MOST favorite colors! Enjoy!!

A new year brings resolutions, diet plans, closet cleaning and lots and lots and lots of diamond rings. I couldn’t even concentrate at a recent dentist appointment (honestly, a blessing, right?) because I was so enthralled by the sparkly little number on the dental hygienist’s third finger. And because thinking about events is much more fun than thinking about teeth, I couldn’t help but tell her the hottest color trend for events—especially weddings—is an exuberant shade of …orange.

Yes. Orange. Sure, it is the color of traffic cones, juice and football jerseys, but Stella McCarthy’s tangerine-toned clutch and Jimmy Choos’ equally high-voltage sandals do scream happy. And adding a great color to an event—whether it be a wedding or a meeting or a small but chic luncheon—can make even the dullest guest seem a little less dull …

Runway trends typically find their way into the party world and this is one trend that you can pull off without a lot of energy or bank withdrawals. For the wedding party, a beautiful redorange (yes, it’s a word … just play along) sash brings out the elegance of a sleek gray dress. Brightly-colored centerpieces pop against white tablecloths and orange flowers make any bouquet sing.

Want to go even more literal? Use those darling Little Cuties (mini seedless oranges) to display menus, place cards or even special photos. They are small, seasonal (translation: inexpensive) and an elegant but simple table topper. Use a wooden skewer to secure whatever you wish to display and voila—you have a stylish event with an extra boost of some real Vitamin C. Now, orange you glad you know?

Wedding Bliss- Happy Kids at Your Wedding!

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Wedding Bliss – Happy Kids

You have enough to worry about in planning and preparing for your wedding. The location, the dress, the guest list …. The list goes on and on. We at Bambinos take the worry out of what to do with the kids. Relax, enjoy and let us take care of your ‘little guests” during your special day.

Keep the Energizer Bunnies Having Fun!

Bambinos Nanny’s wants kids to have fun and, for their parents to enjoy a special occasion without worry or distractions. As we are sure you know, little ones don’t really like to sit around quietly, they want action and entertainment, they keep going, and going, and going and so do we, right along with them.

Kid Tested, Parent Approved

We take care of all the details and offer customized events. We can entertain one or two children in a hotel room, or throw a themed party for several hundred kids. Children are unique individuals and we provide safe, loving, nurturing, fun and creative environments for them. We are sensitive to your child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs.

About Us

Let us take care of your little ones while you enjoy your wedding. Bambinos Nannies has been providing high-quality nanny services in the Columbia River Gorge to locals and travelers since 2003. All our nannies are rigorously screened and have required safety certifications.

Our Services:

Nanny services for you and your guest at their rooms or outdoor venue
Rehearsal Dinner
Bambinos International Learning Center - Book us today!
220 Clearwater Lane
Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386 – 2005 Phone
(541) 387 – 5400 Fax

True Confessions


Ok, I’ll admit it. I used to be a Gorge snob. Anything East of Mosier I thought to be, well, less than desirable.

I love the lush trees, mountains, and greenery. I was incredulous when Nebraska visitors say that they come here and feel ‘claustrophobic’. What?? It’s SO flat in NE. It feels like a cozy hug here.

My description of the Gorge east of Mosier would have contained words like dry, barren, ugly. I wondered what on earth people saw in “Eastern” Oregon??? Then we fell in love. With a building. We thrust ourselves into the very topography we felt was like Cinderella’s ugly step sister.

As we shared our excitement about the purchase of the hotel with friends and family we had a surprising number of responses like this, “Oh, I LOVE it there, it’s SO beautiful!!”

“Really? You’ve GOT to be kidding.” I thought (silently). At least I had my wits about me to keep my mouth shut and let them revel in their memory moment. I politely nodded my head and smiled.

You know, it’s tough to admit all this, especially since our lives are here, our business is here, and now new friends and relationships are here in Dufur as well. It’s risky! Exposing my less than lovely first thoughts about a place we now call home.

The first fall we spent in Dufur working on the hotel we were surprised at how many people from Portland, Vancouver, and the Willamette Valley were ’out for a drive’ and stopped by to check out our project. What on earth were they doing out HERE we wondered? Well, after our first fall and winter we found out what the hub-bub was all about!!

Sunshine. Beautiful sunshine. Open spaces, rolling hills, stars, the rich lovely smell of alfalfa and harvest. People from the city crave it!! Yes, I’ve changed my tune. Drastically.

I still love the lush green forests in the Gorge. I like to visit them.

Here I love the sunshine, the smell of our neighbors wheat field in the evening, the cool air that wafts in nearly every night taking you from the 90’s to the 50’s, the sky. We have stars!! Lots of stars!! I love the soft flowing wave-like wheat as it matures in the early summer. My friends have marveled, stunned. They say it makes them dizzy and when driving they have to look away; it’s like waves of water rushing up the hill. I love that my neighbors will give me the key to the store after it’s closed. Often I’ll open my P.O. box to find a doggie treat for Kahlua and some human treats too! I love our little oasis at the hotel and the connections people have made. I love the love and emotion of a wedding and seeing the pride in a father’s face as he enjoys a moment before giving her away. I tear up at EVERY wedding thus far! I love the things that make us uniquely beautiful. – the people I meet, what photographers see. . .

Maybe this should be titled, “love story” instead of “true confessions”! It’s certainly turned out to be just that, a love affair. We feel so blessed to live here; there’s such abundance of beauty. Of course, when you love something you want to share so I invite you to come be captivated, changed, and amazed by this little slice of Oregon.

Ultimate Card Workshop March 23-24th

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You asked for it – so here it comes! The Ultimate Card Workshop at the beautiful Balch Hotel. Here are the details:

March 23 & 24th, 2012 - Balch Hotel
6:00 p.m. Friday March 23rd through Saturday March 24th at 5:00 p.m.
Class Supply Cost $45.00 if staying overnight
Class Supply Cost $60.00 if not staying overnight
20% room discount the second night using secret code words: Ultimate Card Workshop

Your instructor, Tarina Holloway, is an independent consultant with Close To My Heart and will fill your weekend with the latest new products and techniques. It’s a great time to get together with your friends and enjoy a fun-packed weekend!

Be sure to ask about the Balch Supper Club dinner night on Saturday March 24th. Jamie Snell, owner of the Lamb’s Table catering, creates a dinner menu that is always a hit!

Think about how much fun you’ll have! By Sunday morning you’ll be refreshed from an amazingly comfy bed, breakfast both mornings (if you choose the two night special pricing – remember to say the secret code words!), and a scrumptious dinner. You’ll get to learn new techniques from Tarina, play with new products, create a plethora of greeting cards to fit any occasion, and create priceless memories from a super fun weekend.

So come stay-and-play at the Ultimate Card Workshop. Space is limited, so call the hotel today to register for the class, your room, and Supper Club! 541-467-2277.

P.S. If you have NOT attended one of Tarina’s classes you need to come to this one! You won’t believe the quality and value of product you leave with after the class concludes. She always has fun special treats too! They are a surprise of course. . . .

Supper Club February 18th Cupids Special Weekend!


Treat your Valentine to a weekend away at the Balch! We’ve got your action plan ready.

During your lunch Friday stop at the grocery to pick up some indoor ‘picnic’ items (I suggest wine, cheese, some cured meats, nice pita crackers, and some chocolate). Have his/her bag packed Friday after work, kid arrangements made, and meander to the Balch. Be welcomed with warm chocolate chip cookies and homemade hot chocolate. Head to your room or we can set a table for you to enjoy your intimate, relaxed, indoor picnic. The evening is yours!

Wake the next morning to freshly brewed coffee from HR Coffee Company and our plated three course breakfast. Relax here at the Balch, take a drive in the sunshine, or visit that place you’ve been wanting to see (Klindt’s the oldest bookstore in Oregon? Dry Hollow Vineyards and Winery? Maryhill Winery? the Discovery Center? a hike to White River Falls?).

Saturday evening enjoy wine tasting from 5-8 with Dry Hollow vineyards. Jamie Snell, owner of the Lamb’s Table catering, has a delicious chocolate themed dinner menu for you!

True Devotion
• Arugula salad with strawberries, goat cheese and cocoa nibs. With shallot-balsamic vinaigrette.

• Beef short rib ragu braised with wine and chocolate, served over buttered fresh pasta noodles, topped with Parmesan.

• Milk chocolate panna cotta with whip cream, cocoa nibs and chocolate shards

• Bread with dinner, coffee with dessert. Substitutions available (advance notice reqd).

$29 + gratuity

Relax that evening with your love! You might even meet some other fascinating couple to chat with. Wake casually Sunday morning to that wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee and bring a cup to your sweetie in bed. Enjoy breakfast and bask in the renewal of your time away from distractions, work, children, etc. Reconnect with your sweetheart. It’s what Valentine’s weekend at the Balch is all about! Trust me. You’ll earn brownie points for this one.

When you call to reserve your dinner and room reservations just mention the Cupid’s Special and your second night’s lodging will be shot by that Cupid bow and arrow and bleed off 25%. We want you to enjoy the whole weekend!

Call us at 541-467-2277

Artist Chris Steinken


Chris Steinken just showed his work here a the hotel and is slated to show again this summer. He and his wife are delightful! I met Chris when touring the Portland Artists Open Studio Tour. I loved the bold expressive colors he uses and also the meticulous way in which he sets up his paintings.

He begins with a photo (most are taken by him), then creates a grid map on the canvas and the photo. He replicates the photo practically to a T! In his studio he put together a tutorial for the Studio Tour to give visitors an idea of his process. We had the sample tutorial painting here and SO many people loved it! I liked it because it spoke to my inner type A personality. Four stages to create a finished painting, a representation of each of those stages, and then descriptions of each stage to boot! Great fun.

Chris took a photo of a much beloved bus used for many a bridal photo session. I think it would be perfect for a couple to have Chris paint their wedding date at the top of the bus where there is a ‘plate’. What do you think, should we buy it for a future bride and groom to fall in love with??

”Out Where the Buses Don’t Run.”

  • Out-Where-the-Buses-Dont-Run_ChrisSteinken

It can be seen in person (starting this weekend January 7th) at the cooperative:
Six Days Art Co-op
2724 NE Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97211

Chris’s next show is at:
Cafe Eleven
435 NE Rosa Parks Way, Portland, OR 97211
Jan. 15 – Feb. 19
7:30am-3:30pm M-F
8am – 3:30pm Sat-Sun

The bus painting will be at the Six Days gallery and not at the Cafe so be sure to drop by and reminisce about one of your favorite sunny places in the Columbia River Gorge - Dufur!