Historic Balch Hotel in Dufur Oregon
40 South Heimrich Street│Dufur, OR, 97021, USA
(541) 467-2277
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About the Historic Balch Hotel

Our Philosophy

At the Historic Balch Hotel we don't just give lip service to Customer Service. You know. . . you've read those well intentioned cards at hotels that say that they utilize environmental practices. They say that if you want to reuse your towel, thereby reducing your individual energy use, to hang your towel and housekeeping will leave it for you. I've done this numerous times and it's safe to say that 95% of the time I receive a new towel anyway. It's either lip service and/or staff is not getting the memo.

At the Balch our staff get the memos. Staff even comes up with ideas we implement to serve you better!

We purposefully create spaces for you to unwind, reconnect with yourself, partner, or group, and we work hard to make certain you can relax. So we're not talking in just a philosophical manner here, let us give you some practical examples.

There are no TV's at the Balch. We also don't allow small children or pets. Don't be offended! We do love kids and pets but realize you need to be disconnected from them to have a real break.

We've created outdoor spaces for you to soak in the warm sunshine, Mt. Hood view, or sunset. The hammocks are great spaces for you to read, daydream (remember looking at the clouds?), or even nap.

When you call to make a reservation we may sound nosy. We're not trying to be nosy, we are simply working to find out how to enhance your trip! We can recommend wineries, cycle routes, hiking, eateries, and have even surprised couples with personalized anniversary or birthday mugs. That's what nosy gets you at the Balch! One of our favorite surprise recommendations involves the largest soft serve ice cream cone you can imagine.

We want to know about you.

We work to help you experience the amazing activities and scenery in and around our hamlet.

We welcome you with homemade chocolate chip cookies and also have them every night! We actually make the dough ourselves, it's not purchased and prepackaged with cooking instructions. You can tell because the cookies are not all the same shape! (Dead giveaway). If you ask, we'll even sneak you some dough if you like.

Come and experience our customer service for yourself. We take pride in always working to better your experience.

You can call us directly to ask about rooms 541-467-2277 or book one on line. See you on the sunny side! THANK YOU for choosing us.

Balch Hotel Staff

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