Historic Balch Hotel in Dufur Oregon
40 South Heimrich Street│Dufur, OR, 97021, USA
(541) 467-2277
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About the Innkeepers

About Jeff
My husband, Jeff, is a super husband and great runner. I think he’s quite fantastic. He’s so patient with me, has a great sense of humor, and is supportive of our endeavors. His support, love, and encouragement have made me a better person. I hope I do the same for him!

He LOVES cruising on his motorcycle. He has a 2012 Kawasaki Concours (C14) and he’s seldom been seen at the hotel since. Ha! If you are a rider, he can fill you in on the great roads out in this area. Heck, he might even join you!

Jeff had qualified for the Boston Marathon twice, and in 2007 made the commitment to go. What weather we had! Some of our family made the trek with us. My mother Linda, brother Craig, and his wife Tarina were all troopers in the worst marathon weather in years! Jeff ‘weathered’ the run like a pro. After standing for two hours ankle deep in water, the race began. He was exuberant at the finish with WAY too much energy. His time was 3 hours 22 minutes. He’s amazing!

We toured parts of Boston and really loved the city. We were particularly fond of the Italian Section. We thought we died and went to heaven with all the amazing aroma wafting onto the street! Jeff decided he wants to head back to Boston in the future so if you have any favorite haunts, send us an e-mail and we will put it on our agenda.
- Samantha

About Samantha
My wife Samantha is one of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. She is the reason the Balch Hotel is what it is today. Her energy and drive keep us on track and moving forward. She had great vision for the hotel and the business and it has shown through with how beautiful this place looks! Come see for yourself.

Samantha is a tremendous tennis player after having very recently taken up the sport in 2004. Just like with everything else, it’s all or none. She loves being able to play in mixed drills so she can hit with as much pace as she wants. Samantha and her partner Kris, (who also hits with 'authority'), have earned the nicknames Bam-Bam.

Without her tireless and selfless nature, I wouldn’t have been able to adequately train for the Boston Marathon. Not only did she handle most of the day to day hotel restoration, business planning, marketing, and bookkeeping, she was always making sure I had plenty of food and rest. She was the reason I was able to complete the 2007 Boston Marathon and fulfill a lifetime goal of mine.

Samantha will make you feel at home here. Her goal is to make sure guests are treated special and enjoy their stay.
- Jeff

About Tucker
Tucker is our black and white cat who is sometimes very curious and friendly and at other times characteristically cat-like and aloof. We respect that some people have pet allergies, so Tucker is banned to the first floor only. Most of his time is spent in his bed in the office. If you want his attention simply rustle a plastic bag and he might come running looking for treats. He's our little piglet!
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